Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu Makes Passive Income

Many work from home writers are taking advantage of the Swine Flu panic that is spreading throughout the United States. You will find numerous articles about the Swine Flu and even notice a significant jump in page views.

I write for eHow. I am a new member. Many of you are following my journey on eHow.

My Swine Flu articles have had a significant jump in page views, that I don't normally recieve. This is because eHow is a great place for people to go to learn how to stop from getting Swine Flu, how to get Swine Flu ready or other information about Swine Flu.

I've seen posts on eHow that other writers are also seeing a jump in page views and passive income from their Swine Flu related how-to's.

Don't write for eHow? Concerned that eHow is becoming flooded with how-to's for Swine Flu? No problem!

There are SIX WAYS you can earn a passive income from the topic of Swine Flu.

I listed all six ways in a How to Earn Swine Flu Passive Income on eHow.

You can click here to read the article and show some page love. Be kind and don't rate them 1 star. Someone has been downrating my stars. While it doesn't hurt earnings, it does hurt my pride. I spent a lot of time researching and looking around to come up with the six ways to earn Swine Flu passive income. It was hard work. But, I'm glad to share this secret with others.

Unfortunately, the Swine Flu is going to be around for a while. People are going to want new information about the flu, how to prevent it, treat it and so forth.

If you need topics for the Swine Flu try homeopathic flu remedies, stress reduction, ways to build your immune system for starting topics. Talk about how the Swine Flu scare has changed behaviors of people around you and even yourself.

Pass along the link to this article and the how to article for making a passive income from Swine Flu.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

April Bukisa Earnings Update

I have enjoyed being on Bukisa. If you've never heard of Bukisa, they allow you to earn page view money from articles you write at home. The word limit is 250 words and you can pretty much write about anything that you want. I stared on the site January 10, 2009. Since I joined, I have posted 142 articles. That's not a ton in that amount of time.

I primarily put up on Bukisa articles I wrote from home that are rejected on Associated Content. I also do some of the non-exclusive articles that I wrote for Associated Content or the free articles. I learned that it would be a good way to get a passive income without having to spend a bunch of time writing new articles from home.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy freelance writing. I just don't have but so many hours in one day.

Well, I digress. So how are things going for me on Bukisa? To date, I am now at $39.16 in earnings on the site. I didn't reach payout until April. So, I'm hoping that Bukisa really does pay it's freelance writers like it claims to do. I've never heard of anyone that hasn't gotten paid. I'm optimistic. I'll report back later and let you know if I actually see the money or not.

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Helium Disappoints on the Money

I have been writing from home for Helium for quite some time. In fact, I have over 400 articles posted on their site. I actually just stumbled upon Helium and it was one of my first places to write from home as a freelance writer.

So, why am I disappointed? Typically, I can make enough money there to at least get a payout. I mean, it's not much, considering all the articles written.

This month, I barely made over $12 in passive income! I was in shock and in serious disappointment. I'm not sure what the problem is. My writing percentage went up. I have 4 stars for rating. I just really couldn't believe it.

Here's what happened:

I went and logged into my account. Then I clicked my earnings. There is was staring me smack dab in the face. Only a measly $12 for all that hard work and writing I'd done from home for them. Simply amazing!

I'm not happy. I'm not impressed. I still can't believe it. You know, you work your heart out. You do what you're supposed to do. You write articles and build up a big library. Then for an entire month you make less than 50 cents a day? We're talking freelance articles that are way over a month or 6 months old. Some are 2 years old!

Day 24 Hot Dog Article on eHow Earns $3 in 8 days

I was pleased to sign into eHow today. I have and additional $2.21 in my eHow money to be paid out next month. This is two days in a row that I have consistently made more than two buck with my work from home articles on eHow.

I am so pleased that my work from home writing is really paying off on eHow. My first article so far has made 3 bucks! Yes, I'm easily excited. I never would've guessed there would be so much interest in hot dog carts.

My article, How to Get a Hot Dog Cart without Spending a Fortune has at the last update has earned $3.24.

My keywords for this article were:

[1]hot dog carts
[2]hot dog cart
[3]hot dog stand

The Google ads on the Hot Dog Cart article are several for hot dog stands or hot dog carts. There are also ads to be a vendor. One of the options for a hot dog cart is the option to open a franchise. Perhaps, that step of the hot dog cart article is what triggered the vendor ad.

There is only one comment and 2 ratings on the hot dog cart article. This tells me that the number of comments and star ratings aren't really going to affect how much money you make off of a particular article you write from home to put on eHow to earn a passive income.

The hot dog cart article had been posted for 8 days when the earnings were updated that I had made over $3 on it. That is excellent. That isn't even half a month yet. Now, if I could figure out what I did with the hot dog cart article to make it so different from the others.


There is a picture for the introduction. However, there are no pictures for the rest of the article. I'm not sure what the key is to the success of this article on eHow. But hey! I'm not complaining. I do like that I had an article earn $3 already. That will help to make up for the other ones I wrote from home that didn't have any eHow money and earnings yet.

Today, I visited the local flea market. I told my husband about the hot dog cart article. Then I speculated if the people that had one got a used one, rented or were part of a franchise.

It's interesting how when you go about places in your offline life that you can think of article topics for working from home. Then the articles that you do write, will pop into your head when you're going about your daily life.

I'm still very convinced that eHow can make money from home. A passive income while I'm sleeping, spending time with the family or outside gardening. Just look at how well in 8 days the hot dog article did in earnings on eHow.

Click here to learn how to make money from selling How To electronic manuals!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 23 My Highest Earning Day

Today was my highest earning day on eHow. I had an additional $2.15 added to my eHow money. I'm very excited about this! In less than 30 days with 100 articles, I should be able to expect at least 60 bucks a month from eHow, if I don't add anymore articles or do anything else. Of course, I'm addicted to eHow and will keep on writing after the weekend is over.

The eHow site didn't update page views. My youngest articles making money are from the 21st and the 22nd. That fits again with the 4 to 5 day age for articles to start generating some type of earnings.

There are still articles not making money though. Hmmm.

I've had an increase though in articles making money as a whole though. I've gone up 10 percent to 36 percent of the articles I've published to making money.

Are the articles I posted on my profile page making money? Yes, those articles are all part of the 36 percent that I'm making money from this work at home adventure.

The next question is the reports that articles with age make the most money correct? Again, my stats have proved this to be true. My very first article I wrote when deciding to venture into this work from home project has gained me $1.84. It's very close to the $2.00 mark.

So far, the following things are holding true:

[1] Articles in my profile are making money and being viewed
[2] Articles in my featured articles are being viewed (great place to put articles that aren't getting visitors!)
[3]Not commenting on others work very much, hasn't decreased earnings
[4]Others rating 1 star hasn't decreased earnings
[5]Articles with the best ad matches are making higher earnings
[6]Articles promoted on Twitter are getting more views than the ones posted on Facebook

I shall take a short break from my posting about my journey. I will come back around day 25.

If you're finding my eHow work from home adventure interesting, please send a link to my blog to your friends. Word of mouth is the best way to get known.


How to Protect Your Affiliate Commissions

Friday, April 24, 2009

eHow Day 22 Articles Being Down Rated

Well, I'm not sure if this will have an effect on my eHow earnings or not. Someone is down-rating my articles. By down-rating, I mean clicking 1 or 2 stars instead of 5. Do stars really matter? I'm not sure at this point. I know that one article is showing 0 ratings and has earned me a handful of change while others have 5 stars and earned nothing. This kind of leads me to believe that stars don't affect your eHow earnings and money.

I'm still waiting to see if having up extra links in my profile helps my eHow earnings or not.

I shall continue to update periodically on my journey. We're not through the first month yet and I'm already at payout amount and above. eHow will definitely make you money working from home.

21 Days Into eHow

21 days into eHow, I now have up 100 posts. My earnings went up $13.93 with 1,178 views. Not too shabby for less than 5,000 views. I am recommended by 20 people and have 11,773 points.

I haven't been as active on the forum yesterday and today. Other things took a toll in my life.

I hope to interlink my eHow articles to one another in the resources section to see if that makes a difference in earnings.

On the 21st day, I learned the HTML code to add more articles to my profile page than the 5 featured articles. When someone clicks my public profile, they will now see 12 articles of mine right there, instead of just the 5 featured articles. I'm hoping since an eHow visitor won't have to click my articles tab button to see all my articles, that with 12 articles being exposed that I will increase my traffic and the likelihood of earnings.

My highest earning article is How to Get Rid of Dog Urine Carpet Odors with Vinegar

Thursday, April 23, 2009

eHow Earnings -- My First 2 Dollar Day

As you may recall from my eHow journey, I have written 100 articles for eHow at the moment and been there less than a month. Today, when I signed into eHow to check my earnings, I was up to my first 2 dollar day! I had jumped from $10.48 to $12.62 for my eHow earnings. This means that I will definitely get paid in May for my eHow work. That puts me at 68 cents a day in the 3 week range from the few cents a day I initially started at.

My findings are that the older articles that I originally posted are indeed earning more than my newer articles. Even though I have up 100 eHow articles, the ones from the 20th (3 days ago) haven't earned a dime. Most of the eHow articles are taking a MINIMUM of five days to see any pennies at all.

Another interesting finding look at my eHow article statistics is that 27 percent are the only ones earning any money at all. I was hoping that around 50 percent would be earning. However, there are ones on there that are less than the minimum five days that you start to see any pennies.

Only 3 percent have articles that are generating more than 1 buck each. That really surprised me. Again though, I'm thinking about the 30 to 60 day mark. Now, if the 27 percent were making at least a buck a month, that would only put me at 27 for the first 30 days and some change. I'm hoping the statistics for what I wrote get better.

Well enough with numbers. I'm going to experiment and not post again on eHow until Monday to see what type of stats I get. That will be the 5th day of age for the last batch that got me to my 100th article.

eHow Earnings -- 100th Article

Yay! I'm so excited to announce that I finally made it to 100 article milestone on eHow. That was a couple days ago. I decided to take a breather from writing and focus on catching up on the home life. You know.... those little things like chores, dishes, laundry. Ha, ha!

I posted on the forum community chatter that I posted my 100th article. Everyone on eHow was really supportive and great. I was thrilled. It was nice to share my excitement with the group and get moral support from the eHow community.

Monday, April 20, 2009

eHow Earnings Doubled Up Again

I couldn't be more pleased than I was when I went to my eHow earnings today. I have three articles that are making more than a buck each in this short time. I've only been writing articles for 17 days and am already almost at the eHow minimum money payout of $10. This is so great!!!

What have I learned so far?

It really does appear that age has a factor on how well your articles will do. My older articles are drawing in a higher percentage of money than my new eHow written articles. Hower, there was one article (How to Get Cheap RV Rentals) that was up less than 24 hours and received eHow money.

I think that the inbound or backlinks to the individual eHow articles is also important. Every single article that I have posted on eHow has been posted on my Facebook page. I also have backlinks from Bukisa, Associated Content, a few on Twitter, and a handful on MySpace.

The third thing that I had heard, learned in the eHow tutorial books and seen on the forum was keywords are imperative in your eHow articles. I do believe this to be true. Some of my articles that have earned nothing so far have poor ads on them. Later, I intend to go edit and tweak the keywords a little bit more.

I'm feeling optimistic!!

I truly feel that it is possible for my financial goals to be met through eHow. The trick seems to be getting enough articles posted and learning more about which ones will draw quality traffic and have their ads clicked.

I hope to reach $1,000 a month in eHow money

I am at 88 articles published on eHow. I hope to soon reach the 100 article goal mark. After that, I want to go for 150, 200 and so forth until I eventually have up 500 articles. I don't expect to do this anytime soon.

However, if the average people make is $2 per eHow article, then it stands to readon that with 500, I would make a virtually guaranteed thousand bucks on eHow per month. If some hit pay dirt and do exceptionally, well then I won't have to write 500 eHow articles to reach my $1,000 monthly goal.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

eHow Earnings -- 3rd Sunday

Well, if you've been following my journey this is the 3rd Sunday now. I did a little experimenting and put up a bunch of computer related topics for eHow. I think that it's kind of early to tell which topics are going to do the best. My highest earner finally reached a dollar. I also have now reached the half way mark to the minimum payout. I feel optimistic that I will reach payout prior to the end of the month. There is only one more Sunday before I make the conclusion for the eHow money and earnings. Well, it won't really be a conclusion. It will be more of an optimistic hope for eHow money.

I'll keep you posted as things progress with my eHow journey.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

eHow Earnings -- Doing PC Series

I'm trying something new out this week to see what happens. I've been writing a bunch of eHow articles on how to do different things on the computer. I think that this will be helpful. I'm not doing things that you'd only have to be a computer whiz to do. In fact, a computer whiz will know how to do the eHow articles I wrote this week.

My goal of the eHow computer articles was to provide readers with basic computer information. It's for the average person, like myself, that wants to know more than just how to log onto the Internet with their computers.

Here are the articles that I wrote about computers. Feel free to check them out:

How to Set up Windows XP for Multiple Users

How to Fix PC Desktop Icons

How to Use a Magnifier in Windows XP

How to Move a PC Taskbar

How to Find Out Which Graphics Card You Have in Windows

How to Use Auto Refresh in Opera Web Browser

How to Use Adblock in Mozilla Firefox

How to Find a Keylogger Spyware Hidden on Your Computer

On a side note, I've gone from several cents a day earnings on eHow to 36 a day as of today's date. I have posted 75 articles. The ones posted today though haven't yet been indexed by Google to start earning me any eHow money.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

eHow Earnings Updated the Second Sunday

I figured the second Sunday would be the big test. I couldn't wait until Easter Sunday. That would be one full week of being on eHow. By the 11th, I had a total of 34 articles posted on eHow to earn passive income. This was getting to be exciting.

I was more anxious for the Easter Sunday eHow earnings update to show up than I was for the Easter bunny to arrive. Now, don't get me wrong. I love chocolate and Easter egg hunts. I just wanted to know if I was going to make the money or not.

My grand total for the Easter Sunday update was $2.41. I was very happy. It wasn't as high as doubling my money again but it was a nice surprise anyway. I feel there is real potential.

I learned a new thing during the second week of writing on eHow. You should post your articles in the forum on the community chat section of eHow. There is a daily folder for your newest eHow articles. I'm not sure how much it helps, but I have noticed I'm receiving more friend requests this way.

I personally think that friends will help if they send your articles to someone else that wants to read them and click the ads. We can hope right!

eHow Earnings Updated First Sunday

Ok, so I figured I would start my week on Sunday. This will make it easiest for me to keep up with my earnings and money. I started on the 3rd and the first Sunday was only the third day. So for my first official eHow earnings on a Sunday.. my grand total was 8 cents.

I wasn't discouraged. I was happy. After all, I expected to see nothing!

Doubled My Earnings in One Day

Ok, as you can see if you've been following my eHow's earning adventure, I get excited easily. Yes, I admit it! I'm even becoming an eHow addict. I sign into eHow to discover that my dollar had turned into $2.23 the very next day! I had literally doubled my money on eHow. I was so incredibly psyched and happy.

The biggest difference in my eHow writing was I was following the tips I'd learned about how to write for eHow and make money for a passive income.

[1] Have links going back to your eHow articles at other sites.. but quality links. So, I had gone back and added links on MySpace, Yahoo Answers, Facebook, Bukisa, Associated Content and Twitter.

[2]Check your article with the Google tool to see what keywords it picks up. I had to edit several of my articles after doing this. I was surprised at what keywords were being picked up.

So, it's possible to make money on eHow. But would I ever reach the $10 payout? After all, I don't want to wait three months or even two months to get my 10 bucks of money from my eHow articles. I would have to wait and find out.

eHow Earnings Made My First Dollar

Wow, was I ever excited when I hit the milestone of making my first dollar of money on eHow earnings! I know that a dollar won't buy you much. But the thing is, it showed me that whether I write or not, I will make something on eHow. Of course for me, I'm not going to just stop writing. I love to write. Plus, I like money. I won't be famous. Probably many won't even see this blog about eHow. But to me, it's part of an adventure and very exciting.

Several of my articles earned me my first eHow dollar. No one article had made it to a dollar on its own yet.

How to Select the Perfect Hairstyle to Match Face Shape

How to Identify Verbal Abuse

How to Convert an AVI Files to DVD Files

How to Stretch Denim Jeans

eHow Break and Research

While I was excited about eHow and writing articles, I took a short break and didn't submit anything for a couple of days. I wanted to see how my earnings would do. I also wanted to learn more.

I ended up finding a few really good resources for writing on eHow, using SEO and using inbound links for my eHow articles. I spent my couple days break reading up on that information and freelance writing for my other writing ventures. I wasn't so thrilled to be doing the other freelance writing. My eight cents of money on my eHow account was teasing and taunting me of the potential I might make on eHow.

Now, that my earnings are still rising on eHow, I know I can make money at this. I feel very confident. My dream is to give up all my other freelance writing work at home jobs and focus on eHow completely. But, I must wait since the bill collectors won't take too kindly to me not having any money upfront to pay them.

eHow Third Day Earnings, I Made eHow Money

Much to my surprise and delight, on my third day of logging into my eHow account to submit more articles, I had actually earned money! I was in shock. I was in happy shock. I had heard that to see any earnings on eHow, you needed your articles to be at least a month old.

I posted my eHow articles on my Facebook page and put a link in my signature on my email. I am guessing those inbound links were how people found my first articles on eHow to be able to get any money at all.

How much was my first earnings? It was for eight cents! I know that's not much at all. I wasn't expecting anything so it was a milestone to see my first eHow earnings. My second day of freelance writing for eHow, I only wrote 3 more articles.

What really came as a surprised to me was the article that earned my first eHow earnings money was from that batch on the second day! I thought for sure my article on the AVI files would make the first money for me on eHow.

The first eHow earnings came from this article: How to Select Perfect Hairstyle to Match Face Shape

eHow -- My First Day

I began writing articles for eHow on April 3, 2009. Now, mind you I had studied carefully a lot of information before I began to even compose my first article on eHow. I wanted to learn more about it. Each site that I've done freelance writing for has different requirements. Having been rejected by Demand Studios, I was nervous that anything I put up on eHow would make it or even begin to see any money.

On the first day, I put up:

How to Get Rid of Microwave Odors with Coffee Grinds

I did this one because I knew all about the topic. I figured it would give me a chance to get a feel for the eHow templates and submission process. I was very excited to have this as my first eHow article.

That day I also put up

How to Convert an AVI Files to DVD Movies article. Then that was it for my first day on eHow.

I read the forums some and tried to learn more about eHow to see if this was really going to be a freelance writing option for me. The template was fairly easy to use to submit my article to eHow. I even created a template in MS Word to use strictly for my eHow articles.

I spent the first day also creating a folder and subfolder to back up my eHow articles. There was a lot of talk on the forum boards about articles being deleted from eHow. This made me very nervous. Backing up my eHow articles was important to me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Kill Page View Money with Comment Groups

This article on page view money and comment groups for keyword density for freelance work from home jobs is published for page view money only. Do the author a favor and send the link to your friends and family members that freelance work from home. Also, don’t forget to visit the resource link to learn more about how to increase your SEO and keyword density when you are lucky to receive a bunch of comments. You can also see some of my other eHow articles at the bottom of this post as well.

Making page view money requires you have an online account. You can work from home for money. You submit content that will be viewed by your friends, family members and others that are giving you return comments. This is a great way to make money from home. Or is it? Can you really make a decent amount of money in page view money by comments? After quite a bit of research, I learned something very important that others in the freelance work from home world might not share with you. What is this big secret that others don’t want you to know?

Search Engine Spiders Crawl Your Comments for Keyword Density

The comments of your online freelance articles that make you money are indexed as part of your page by the search engines. This means that when the search engine spiders are crawling away over the words on your article, guess what? They’re also crawling over all those cute little comments we make to one another. So if my article is on money and freelance writing but I have a bunch of comments saying good job – you guessed it! My keyword density is going to change. My keywords might even change!

Comments Can Change Keyword Density and Page View Money

For example, let’s say I wrote a really hilarious take on how to work from home. My keyword was work, work from home and money. However, the way I presented it was just too funny. Then I have worked hard and gotten lots of fans to leave me comments. After all, this is the way I’ll know they dropped by to help me earn page view money. They all put a smiley face or write comments such as funny, hilarious, cute and so forth. You guessed it! My keywords now are no longer related to making money and work from home. They’ve changed to humor. The spiders of the search engines have no idea that I was writing about work from home jobs and freelance work. They think I was writing about fun and humor.

Do All Those Visitors Help Your Page View Money?

That is a question about page view money and work from home passive income I’ve been asking myself over and over. If you get paid 2 bucks for 1,000 page views (assuming you’re clout 10) how long will it take you to write out 1,000 comments? Furthermore, you only earn two bucks for that amount of time. Are you really working from home to make page view money wisely?

If you can get articles that are SEO and have the right keyword combinations, your goal will be to have the primary visitors come from the search engines. This is true for blog writing, adsense money, affiliate money and other money from your freelance work from home work. If you’re going to make a career of writing, the masses need to view your work. Can you truly generate the masses with comment groups?

Is there a solution to fixing your page view money while receiving fun and cool comments?

Absolutely! I added in the resources a great how to article that you can visit for the answer to this question.

I Vow to Try and Do Better

Now, that I know this and I love to comment, I vow to try and do better. I will try to use the keyword from your title in my comment to help keep your keyword density good for you to make even larger amounts of page view money from freelance writing work at home jobs.

How to Increase SEO with Comments

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Online Earnings Summary Part 1

With the recession, I’ve found I’d had to bump up my efforts to earn money freelance writing online. It seems that there is more effort need to earn money freelance writing then even as early as the beginning of the year. My suspicions are that it is primarily the economy. More companies are outsourcing their freelance writing work to writers that will charge less. Others are hiring one good editor and then paying bulk prices per word and accepting lower quality freelance writing. This of course, makes it hard on others that earn money freelance writing online.

I am one of those freelance writers that needs money now to be able to pay the current bills. I need money now to restock the cabinets and refrigerator shelves. Being able to make money online is the only way that I work. I had been job hunting earlier in the year for a more traditional job. However, the jobs simply aren’t out there.

Here are some weird things that I found with my freelance writing online this year. Let’s look at the sites that I normally do freelance writing for and see my results. It really makes you have to ask are some of these avenues worth the continued time and effort.

Demand Studios: I applied for a writing position and was politely rejected. They pay $5 and $15 an article with a maximum of 10 in your queue at a time. A new writer will probably have to wait around a week to get work reviewed. Therefore, at Demand Studios, a new writer can expect to make around $20 a day.

eHow: eHow seems to pay strictly on the number of ads clicked from the articles that you post. I’ve just started experimenting with eHow. To be honest, the eHow earnings is what made me decide to write this page view only article and share my journey with making money with freelance writing online. I will report on the first week with eHow. I wrote 44 articles for eHow during the first week of joining. I am averaging 12 cents a day from that first week. If you look at my Helium, Bukisa and Associated Content volume of articles and average daily earnings, I will have to say that eHow is going to be the biggest and best investment for writing time to get money from online freelance writing. Bukisa is would be my second highest earner with Associated Content coming in third.

Increase eHow earnings: I should submit higher volume on eHow using the insider tricks that I learned to generate the appropriate ads. There really isn’t a need to worry about socializing, networking or even advertising articles on eHow. The site is so huge and big on the search engines that with SEO’ed articles that are around 300 words long, you can be pretty much guaranteed money. The trick seems to be the older your articles, the more they start making you per day.

Helium: I have been a member of Helium for almost 3 years. I have up 457 articles on the website. They pay by page views and ad revenue. I don’t know their secret formula. My earnings on Helium average 45 cents a day. That’s not so hot if you really think about it. You must maintain rating stars and be active to receive your payout. You must reach $25 to get a payout. However, I didn’t know about SEO and all of that when I started writing at Helium. Perhaps that knowledge would’ve earned me more on Helium?

Increase Earnings on Helium: I could increase my earnings on Helium if I rated their articles more. I should also network with the others on the Helium site more and participate in the forum. When I was doing this, in the beginning years, my daily average was around $2 to $3 a day.

Bukisa: I joined Bukisa back near the first of the year. I thought it would be a great place to put non-exclusive articles that I wrote on Helium and write for Associated Content. Now, with Bukisa I haven’t had the time to copy and paste all my non-exclusive work for AC over to there. I expect my earnings will triple per day when I complete that task. On Bukisa, I’m average 27 cents a day with 135 articles. This is a BIG difference from Helium with over 400 articles. Bukisa pays strictly on number of unique page views per 24 hours. The minimum payout is $10.

Increase Earnings on Bukisa: Bukisa, I’ve noticed that my older articles generate quite a bit more income than my newer articles. This tells me, like other sites, it’s imperative to submit daily to Bukisa new content to give the other articles time to age. I also don’t have many friends or comment very often on Bukisa. I’m sure reciprocal page views would increase earnings there quite a bit too.

Associated Content: On AC, I currently have just over 2,000 articles published. I have lots of fans. I comment at least three days a week. I do all the social networking and so forth on Associated Content. My daily earnings for AC is highest of all the freelance writing sites. I average $18 a day from Associated Content so far submitted. However, if you compare the other websites and AC, I would suspect that this amount per day should be significantly higher. This is taking into account the upfront payments and page views combined. After all, I’m comparing daily earnings with amount of freelance writing work. I noticed no increase in upfront payment with page views accumulated, so it’s almost pointless at this time to increase promotion, commenting and so forth to hope for a larger upfront payment to make more on average per day.

Increase earnings on AC: I should write more volume. Although, many of my regular fans say they don’t know how I could submit at much higher volume than I currently do on AC. I could comment more and I could promote more. But for $18 a day, is it really going to increase the amount of earnings and be worth it?

NinerNiner: NinerNiner is a blogging website that pays roughly 50 cents per 200 word post. I write as a dedicated blogger there. But I only average around $1 a day with ad revenue sharing and upfront money for posting.

My Conclusions from this Freelance Writing Analysis:
I should focus my need for immediate money on Associated Content. After all there is a monthly page view bonus money and upfront money when I submit articles for payment. My second priority should be to build a very large library of eHow articles that can start getting age on them. Then my third priority should be Bukisa since the increased daily earnings are proportional to volume as well. The other sites, I should just take the passive income and not worry about them since I have the primary sites that will give me the most return on my money and my time for online freelance writing gigs.

There are lots of places that you can write for, such as online magazines, but if you’re not able to wait long periods or not lucky enough to land these freelance writing gigs, then hopefully some of this information has helped you.


How to Get Rid of Rosacea

Using Eggshells in Gardening

I've been really excited about gardening lately. The weather is so nice. I just love April. I get really tempted to plant a garden too early this time of year. But, I did go ahead and start some seedlings for the garden. They're all over my kitchen. One thing I learned about for gardening was using eggshells in gardening. There are so many great ways to recycle eggshells in gardening around the house. I just love it.

Many people are starting to realize that you can go green at home by recycling everyday stuff that you use. So, instead of frying up eggs in the morning and tossing the eggshells, you can just recycle them in your gardening. What a great idea!

You're probably wondering how you go about using those eggshells in your gardening. Well, it's really easy. I mean simple easy to do for your gardening.

Click here to learn How to Recycle Eggshells in Gardening Activities