Thursday, July 30, 2009

100,000 Page Views

I'm pleased to announce that at the time of this writing, I've reached 101,234 page views on eHow. I know that eHow money only comes from people clicking the ads. However, if you don't have any visitors to your eHow articles, there isn't anyone to click the ads. I can't wait to reach the next 100,000 page milestone.

Just remember to keep commenting on articles, post articles you write from home and don't give up. You can build up your eHow empire one article at a time.

How do you earn on eHow?

I've had several people ask me how do you earn on eHow. Do you make money on each article? You write articles from home. You then submit them to eHow. You don't earn upfront money. Your articles are posted live on eHow. Then others can come to the articles you write from home. They can join eHow and comment and star rate your articles.

If you write articles from home and post for free, how do you earn money? You earn money when people read the ads that are on the page of your articles. If someone clicks the ad on the article page, you earn a small portion of the ad revenue that was generated. How much of a percentage do you earn? That secret isn't revealed by eHow.

Can you earn enough to pay your bills on eHow? Some authors on eHow are writing articles from home and earning over $1,000 a month. I'm not that lucky yet.

Some authors strike it rich with a "golden ticket" article. This is an article that does exceptionally well in the eHow site. It booms overnight! These articles will get you a lot of money from eHow. I haven't had one of those yet either.

For the average writer that writes articles from home, you need to post your articles. Wait for your articles to age at least 2 to 4 months. This puts the articles you write from home in the Google index. Then you should expect to make an average of around $1 an article that you have that is of age.

If you need say $200 a month for gas. Work and get up 200 articles. Then you can expect to make around $200 a month on eHow to cover your gas. It's really easy to do.

Write the articles and count down the days until they age. Just think at $1 an article.. if you have an article sit on eHow for 12 months.. you can earn $12 for that article. That's a good investment of time from home to earn money writing articles.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

eHow Writing Goals for July

July has been a tough month to meet my eHow writing goals. I was hoping to have posted another 100 articles for this month. If you've checked out my profile page or subscribed to me, you'll find out that hasn't happened. But hey, offline life sometimes takes over!

There is good news though. Even though offline life has decreased the number of articles I wrote from home this month, I'm still earning on eHow. The formula for at least $1 per article you have when you start the month is holding true for my eHow earnings. This is with some articles bombing and no visitors clicking the ads at all. I'd love it, if the visitors were interested in my articles and ads. Some have gotten fantastic hits but I guess the ads aren't right.

I was hoping to tweak articles that had zero eHow money earnings. However, time hasn't permitted that either. Hopefully, I can get on a regular article writing schedule for the month of August.

Even if you can't write every single day for eHow, remember you're building a library of articles. Some of the articles you write from home for eHow will earn money like crazy. Others, the ads won't match up right or will have ads that people aren't interested in. Those, you'll need to eventually tweak and fix. But,you'll still be earning eHow money for articles you write from home.