Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Results for eHow

Well, this is the start of new month. I will begin my 3rd month on eHow on the 4th of this month. How are things going?

For May, I started the month with 119 articles. I did alright for the month. Considering that NONE of my articles are aged yet, I feel really good about this.

For June, I will start the month out with 230 articles. Going on May earnings, I project that I will pull in around $150 for the month of June on eHow money. Not too shabby! That is if I write nothing at all for the entire month of June.

If you wonder if eHow works, feel good. It really does. Just follow the tips that I've been posting in my blog here. I'm not charging for an eBook on all of this... even when I make the $1,000 club, I seriously doubt I'll do an eBook. LOL

Friday, May 29, 2009

No I Don't Promote WAHM Articles

A friend of mine asked me if it was really worth my time writing from home and trying to pay bills in this hard economic time. I have to admit that it has been a bigger struggle for me in the past 6 months than it has in previous years. Upfront offers for articles written from home are significantly lower than this same time period as last year. The amount of traffic and thus page view bonus money is also significantly lower.

That brought to question then how much time I spend promoting my work at home articles that I submit for upfront payment and for page view money. Of course the articles that I ghost write from home for direct payment aren't figured into that.

I don't really promote my WAHM articles. I just don't have the time to be honest. I use the widgets for automatic posting or notification on Facebook and Twitter. That is about it. I have a Digg Account, Stumbleupon and a few other social bookmarks that I can't even remember. However, I'd rather spend my time writing than promoting.

One person tried to tell me that they made around $500 a month on Associated Content Page views. While this is possible, I'm a tad skeptical. I looked at their view numbers for 3 consecutive months and by my calculations, they're at right around half that in page view money. They promote heavily, write often and comment heavily.

Is it worth the time to promote? I'm not really sure at this point. One day when I have enough residual income coming in to pay my bills, I'll experiment with it. Right now, my focus is on making my monthly bills and doing the other stuff between assignments that currently put food on the table.

Things such as this blog don't make any money for me. Some of my other endeavors don't either. But I do them because I enjoy them. Who knows? One day they may make money for me and I'll have a nice stream of residual income from them.

New Milestone Reached on eHow in Less Than 2 Months

I love writing articles from home for eHow. I've been very excited to embark on this journey. Today, I logged into eHow and saw that my earnings had jumped to $102.08. This now puts me at the $100 mark before the end of my 2nd month on eHow.

If you wonder if you really can make money writing from home and submitting your work to eHow, the answer is YES! Keep in mind, most articles need to age at least 3 months to start seeing significant earnings.

I began my 2nd month on eHow with 119 articles. I will not give up my dream of one day writing nothing but eHow's for my income. It just thrills me so much and I'm so excited about it.

Let's look at some of my highest earners. I don't know if there is a pattern or not. I haven't figured that part out yet.

I was at the flea market and saw a hot dog cart. I was curious about how to set one up for a work at home business. I ended up writing How to Get a Hot Dog Cart Without Spending a Fortune. This article took me about an hour to write. It has earned $12.68 for me as my highest earner. I published that article 4/17.

My second highest earner is How to Stop from Getting the Swine Flu. I published it on 4/27. It has received $9.22 in earnings.

Those are not bad earnings for writing articles from home. I'm very happy with eHow. If you're new to the eHow community, don't give up hope. It does work!

May Bukisa Earnings

This month, I have earned just less than $10 for the entire month on Bukisa. With such a high pv rate, I was hoping it would be more. I have 152 published articles on Bukisa and 10 people in my network. I haven't published as many articles on Bukisa this month as other places.

Is Bukisa worth the money? I think that if you have rejects (like I get from writing for AC) that Bukisa can be at least some money coming in. It's really varied on how much time you want to put into it and all that.

I think the trick on Bukisa is to have a lot of people sign up under you. Then you can increase your monthly earnings. You can spend more time writing articles from home for other sites instead of hoping to get rich from Bukisa.

Another trick on writing articles for money on Bukisa is to know which topics do the best. A friend of mine does much better than I do with up to date relationship issue articles. Another friend does terrific with game walk throughs. Maybe I just haven't found the right niche yet on Bukisa to make it more profitable.

May Helium Payout and No Stars

I finally made Helium payout (minimum is $25) and after a couple of months, I made it to $26. I was going to cash out my Helium money. However, there is a trick on Helium. You need at least one rating star. I guess I'll be spending part of the day today making sure I get that star.

Why does Helium require you to rate? I'm not really sure. I've found this to be perplexing in and of itself.

The ad revenue from Helium is very slow. With over 400 articles, you'd think that I would make payout each month of the $25. Yet, I have noticed that I don't seem to do this, particularly if I don't rate articles a LOT during the month. This could be just coincidence. The two could have nothing to do with each other. It does make you wonder though. Hmmmm.

I'll report back in next month on how it is going on Helium. I don't plan on leapfrogging or writing any new Helium articles. All my spare time is spent maintaining this blog and working on articles to post on eHow.

Making Ad Money Without Google Account

I was the misfortunate end of a click fraud person when I ran an article directory. One of the people that I thought was an online friend, got very upset with me about some things. They ended up getting people together and clicking my Google ads repeatedly. As a result my Google account was banned.

You can make money without Google ads through Clickbank affiliate links. You can also use other places that are similar to Google. For example, I use Bidvertiser here on my blog and I get paid a few cents when someone clicks an ad.

Another way you can make ad money is to sign up with lots of different companies that are similiar to Google and Bidvertiser. I haven't had the time to sign up for them all yet but it is a goal of mine once I'm at my eHow goal.

The key is to be determined and consistent. It will help y ou make money with ads even without a Google account.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahead of Schedule on eHow Earnings for May

Well, I just did the numbers. For my articles that are one month old, I'm averaging $1.71. For the eHow books on how to make easy money on eHow, they say to figure $3 to $5 an article. For the regular writers on eHow, they say to figure $2 an article you write from home.

If my articles that are one month old are already at an average of $1.71, I can easily expect that by the 3 month range, they'll be $3 each. Simply amazing! It blows my mind.

Now, here is an even more interesting take. The first month of articles, I'm only earning on 48 percent of them. I'm as a whole earning on 30 percent more of my articles than when I started the first month.

Bearing this in mind, I feel confident that if you learn how to SEO, pick out your topics and write daily... it is definitely possible to make $1,000 plus on eHow as a monthly residual income.

Earned 12 Bucks for eHow Article

I'm so excited! I know that many people write from home and make tons of money per article. I have been writing for eHow from home since April 4th. So, I'm just shy of 2 months on eHow.

My article How to Get a Hot Dog Cart without Spending a Fortune is now up to $12.00. eHow hasn't even updated how much money I've made. I'm sure that it is more than this.

I literally am very excited about this article doing so well! I can't believe it. Sure it's not the golden ticket eHow money making articles like some people talk about. But just to think that this article isn't even finished earning money yet. I'm seriously addicted to eHow.

In less than 2 months, I have earnings on 67 percent of my eHow articles. This is a great way to write from home and make money. The key is to know what to write and how to write it. I feel very good about my success!

eHow Average Earnings Per Article Update

First, my apologies for not updating my blog on my eHow adventure more often. I've been busy trying to get out eHow articles and get some age on them. In the eHow forum there was a poll for article earnings. At the time of this blog post, I'm right on target of the average eHow writer for making money with eHow articles.

All of my articles combined, I'm averaging 42 cents an article. Keep in mind, I haven't been making money as an eHow member for 2 months yet.

I started out the month with 119 articles. If you do the math, my eHow earnings are 78 cents an article. Now, do the math for earning money on eHow articles. That means if I don't even increase my earning potential, I can project that for the month of June, I should make a minimum of $163.80 with the number of articles I have up today.

This means that I can literally sit back and not write another article and still make money from home for the month of June. I don't think that $163.00 is such a bad average to have for starting the 3rd month of eHow.

Here is the tricky part. eHow hasn't updated my earnings in a few days. I could be making 80 to 90 cents an article from the ones that I started the month out with.

Then if you think about people saying you triple your earnings by the fourth month? That would mean that August, I should expect around $500 a month from eHow without ever writing another word!

Of course, I'm going to still keep writing for eHow though. My goal is to get to where I can potentially earn $2,000 a month on eHow for my residual income.

Please spread the word about my eHow journey to others. Remember, the key to making money on eHow articles is to have up how-to's that people will want to click the ads that are shown on the page.

Click here for the link to my eHow profile.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Work from Home on Craig's List

Are you needing a new work from home idea that doesn't cost you a fortune? In these hard times, we just don't have the money to invest in a new work from home idea. If you need to work from home and don't have money to spend, then you should check out Craig's list.

Find items around your home that you can put up for sale on Craig's list in your area. It's cheaper than setting up a yard sale. It's free. You can always donate the items to charity if they don't sell.

I had a bag of teen girl's clothing that were in gently used to moderate condition. I was going to take them to Goodwill. Then a friend said to put them on Craig's list. I did with best offer for the price. Within 6 hours, someone came and picked up the bags from my house for 10. That was 10 bucks that I didn't have!

That went so well, I thought alright let's try something else. I had a bread maker I never use. I had an extra coffee pot (got a better one last year for Mother's Day) and a pair of my husband's work boot that were hardly worn but weren't waterproof enough. Within 5 days, I had all the items sold on Craig's list and profited 75 bucks!

I didn't have to mess with auction fees. I didn't have to do shipping and handling. No trips were made to the post office. People came to my house and picked up the items. I could've met them somewhere in public but I'm rather trusting and my husband is a big man! Ha, ha.

My point is if you want to work from home, turn your junk into money. You can work from home using Craig List for free. For about 2 hours of actual work, I was able to make a total of 85 bucks. That is good money! While I don't have a ton to sell and couldn't do this daily, just think of what all you could do for your family working from home using Craig's list.

What are you waiting for. Look around your house. Gather up a few items. Put them on Craig's list and enjoy the money you make from home without spending a single penny.

Swine Flu Earns eHow Money

I decided to give the hot topic of Swine Flu a try on eHow. Now, initially I was going to do an non-exclusive on Associated Content and re-post on Bukisa. But then I got to thinking. What if the Swine Flu topics turned out to be hot? I'd be gravely limiting my money potential from these work at home articles.

Here are my results from Swine Flu eHow's:

One day old Swine Flu Ehow's Results

How to Handle Swine Flu and Pregnancy (a pregnant friend gave me this idea).. I have 0 ratings, 0 comments but I did manage to make 24 cents. At the time of this blog posting, eHow has the Swine Flu article with 0 views. Since I only make money if someone actually clicks a Google Ad from my article page, there had to be some views for this one! I advertised this Swine Flu article on Twitter, Facebook and my friend did it on MySpace.

How to Stop Swine Flu in the Elderly ( I used to work with the elderly).. I have 0 ratings, 0 comments and 0 page views. There were no earnings the first 24 hours of this article. I was actually surprised someone didn't click on one of the Google ad links from this article because the ads matched up very well.
This was advertised on Twitter and Face Book.

How to Avoid Swine Flu during Travel was the third one I did less than 24 hours ago. This one has 0 ratings, 0 comments and 0 page views. It earned nothing so far. It was advertised on Twitter and Facebook as well. I'm not as pleased with the ads on this article as the other ones.

Alright moving right along... the next Swine Flu eHow article was posted on April 29th.. 3 days ago from this blog posting. How did it do?

How to Earn Swin Flu Passive In
come has had a reasonably good response. There are 5 ratings and it has 3.5 stars and 33 page views. It has earned 19 cents so far. There is one comment on it. I think the outright boldness of suggesting to write about Swine Flu topic and subtopics offended some people's sense of morality and made them feel I was encourage ambulance chasing.

This article was advertised on Associated Content, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. I'm surprised it only shows 33 page views with all the advertising. But then again..... it is a perhaps controversial topic. I'm not sure what to make of this one.

I started my experiment with Swine Flu articles and topics 5 days ago on the 27th. In previous posts about my eHow money, I've stated that for some articles it seems they really need to be a minimum of 5 days old to get money. Some do sooner like the Swine Flu and Pregnancy but those I still view as lucky hits.

How to Get Swine Flu Ready was my second article on eHow for the Swine Flu. It has received 3 ratings and is at 3.5 stars. There is one comment on the bottom of it. EHow is showing this article to have 597 views at the last update. How much has it made in 5 days? This article has made $3.75 so far in just 5 days!

Ok now comes the really good part. The first Swine Flu article I put up 5 days ago from the time of this blog posting was How to Stop From Getting the Swine Flu. Notice the difference in the title target key words? This article has recieved 2 ratings with the current rating being 3 stars. There are 0 comments. There are 805 views showing. The ads are great on this one. How much as it made in 5 days in eHow money? In just 5 days, this article has made $6.12.


The bottom line is for 5 articles and about 1 hour's worth of time writing, I have earned $10.30 in just 5 days from a hot topic keyword.

The disadvantage is .... when the Swine Flu is no longer hot, these are not evergreen How-To's and will probably sit months with no earnings.