Friday, May 1, 2009

Work from Home on Craig's List

Are you needing a new work from home idea that doesn't cost you a fortune? In these hard times, we just don't have the money to invest in a new work from home idea. If you need to work from home and don't have money to spend, then you should check out Craig's list.

Find items around your home that you can put up for sale on Craig's list in your area. It's cheaper than setting up a yard sale. It's free. You can always donate the items to charity if they don't sell.

I had a bag of teen girl's clothing that were in gently used to moderate condition. I was going to take them to Goodwill. Then a friend said to put them on Craig's list. I did with best offer for the price. Within 6 hours, someone came and picked up the bags from my house for 10. That was 10 bucks that I didn't have!

That went so well, I thought alright let's try something else. I had a bread maker I never use. I had an extra coffee pot (got a better one last year for Mother's Day) and a pair of my husband's work boot that were hardly worn but weren't waterproof enough. Within 5 days, I had all the items sold on Craig's list and profited 75 bucks!

I didn't have to mess with auction fees. I didn't have to do shipping and handling. No trips were made to the post office. People came to my house and picked up the items. I could've met them somewhere in public but I'm rather trusting and my husband is a big man! Ha, ha.

My point is if you want to work from home, turn your junk into money. You can work from home using Craig List for free. For about 2 hours of actual work, I was able to make a total of 85 bucks. That is good money! While I don't have a ton to sell and couldn't do this daily, just think of what all you could do for your family working from home using Craig's list.

What are you waiting for. Look around your house. Gather up a few items. Put them on Craig's list and enjoy the money you make from home without spending a single penny.


Malathy said...

How? can you pl explain a little more.

Brittany Tucker said...

Neat, I'm going to have to try this.