Tuesday, June 16, 2009

$1,000 Club on eHow

I've had people message me to ask what is the magical number of articles to be a member of the eHow $1,000 club. Trust me; lots of us are wanting to join that club! Can you imagine earning that much money in residual income per month? Just picture $1,000 being deposited into your Paypal account on a monthly basis around the second week of the month. You didn't have to write a single word or promote a single article.

Is this just a daydream?

No, it's not just a daydream! You can have your cake and eat it to when you write articles from home to earn money on eHow.

The question by many readers is now, what is the magic formula? Why am I making 100 bucks a month without being on eHow six, seven months or even a year? How in the world did I hit payout in less than a month?

First, the eHow guides and books helped me to remember one thing I already knew as a writer. Use keywords in your eHow articles. My articles that have low keywords aren't earning a penny or are earning very little. They're essentially wasted. Yes, they get traffic but no-one is clicking the ads to earn me eHow money.

Second, stop wasting value writing time trying to use the keyword ad tool and the Google adword tools. These are helpful ONLY if you can't think of variations of your keyword. For example, an ad that pays $8 a click might be too competitive. Everyone and their brother has up an article with the same $8 keyword. You MIGHT get lucky and have an article that is competitive and catches readers in the great wide world of Internet and technology.

Third, write from your heart. Don't write extremely short articles. Don't write articles that are 20 pages long either. Reach a happy medium. When you get time, add pictures to your articles.

Fourth, add your article list link. When you go to your eHow profile or dashboard click articles. Up at the top, you'll see your article listing link. Don't link to your profile. Link to the articles. After all, you're hoping readers will read your articles and click the ads to get you more eHow money.

Fifth, add to your eHow library. Write, write and write some more. Even if you're not sure an article is going to earn you money. Try to write at least one eHow article each week. The magic number isn't 333 articles, 500 articles or 1,000 articles. The key is to write something each week. You will build a following of other readers that want to see what you have up that is new each week, even if it is only one article you wrote from home to earn eHow money.

Sixth, comment on other people's articles. Some eHow writers will tell you this is a waste of time. Others will swear by it. I did an experiment. I did not comment on articles for a bit. My daily eHow earnings were less. A friend of mine has added no articles. Without comments, her daily earnings stagnated. With comments, she earned a little bit more. (In another blog post coming up in the future, I'll explain WHY it helps you earn more on eHow writing comments).

Seventh, go back to your older articles. Add your article link in the reference section. See other articles by this author and put your article link. This will increase readers going to your articles and increase the chances you will make eHow money from the ads people click from your articles.

Bottom line, add to your eHow library, write what you know and comment. Most importantly, link back to your other eHow work. The goal is to keep readers on the eHow site and to keep them reading through your eHow article library.

eHow Earnings Soaring

Yesterday, I logged into eHow to check my earnings. I can now say that 2 months in a row, I am earning over 100 bucks a month in eHow money. This would make me an official member of the 100 bucks a month club on eHow. Yay!

I have 44, 944 page views. I am making roughly .005 cents per page view. Again though, we have to keep in mind that over half of my articles I wrote from home to earn money on eHow are not even two months old. Since I joined in the first week of April, none of my articles have reached the 3 month mark either for indexing by the search engine and developing a fan base.

I had hoped to have 300 articles posted by the end of June. However, I was hired full time to do freelance writing from home. My new editor is rather strict. I've been focusing on learning the ropes and trying to improve my writing for them. I'm not complaining!

At the time of this post, I have 262 articles published on eHow. A big 70 percent of my articles are earning something in revenue. I suspect as some of the April articles get indexed and reach the 3 month age mark, earnings should increase even more.

I hope to reach the 1,000 dollar club by the end of 2009. It would be so nice!

If you are new to eHow or need inspiration, know that it can be done! Just keep plugging along and adding to your eHow library.

My Helium Experiment Continued

Many of you are probably wondering how my Helium experiment is going, especially after the lengthy explanation from the Helium representative on how the rating system works. Well, so far instead of around 10 cents a day, I am now earning an additional 25 cents a day on Helium... or around that.

Is the extra 15 cents worth the time it takes to read article after article? The answer is no, it isn't. Now, if I was making an average of $10 a day on Helium and rating doubled my earnings, it certainly would be. If you're making pennies or dimes on Helium, the doubled earnings is simply not worth the time it takes to rate.

Just based solely on my experiment, the additional rating resulted in my DOUBLING my Helium earnings.

Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Bukisa Makes Posting Changes

I've talked to several people that post articles on Bukisa. When I first joined the site to make additional passive income money from writing articles at home, articles instantly posted. You would just have to hit the publish button and you were done. This is not the case anymore on Bukisa.

In my opinion, earnings are harmed on Bukisa. It can take anywhere from three to six business days for your article to go live on Bukisa. This means virtually one week that your article is not getting indexed by the search engines and is not earning you money.

Strange thing was I never received an email from Bukisa stating they had changed how they post articles for publication.

Is Bukisa still worth the money? I average around a quarter a day with my articles and another quarter with my team. I have decided I won't be posting new articles to Bukisa. It's simply not worth the money, unless I need a link back to a particular article.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Am I Blogger Rich?

Someone once asked me if I'm blogger rich. I had to think for a moment about that. If you've read my blog, you know my Google account was banned because of the work of someone not so nice. I haven't had time to build up a bunch of affiliate links and other pay per click advertisers (other than bidvertiser).

Technically, I'm not blogger rich. I've only earned 60 cents from Bidvertiser in the past 3 months of running this blog. That's only a slight handful of ad clicks.

But realistically, I am blogger rich. I like sharing what I learn and find out on my blog. I like writing from the top of my head without worrying about grammar and all that. I know that there are some people that get enjoyment and might actually learn from my freelance writing journey.

So the answer to the question is both yes and no. I'm blogger rich in theory and blogger poor in money. Not too bad a combination.

Increase Your Associated Content Upfront Offer Amounts

I've been writing for Associated Content for over 2 years and have 2,200 plus articles up on the website. I've seen the days when AC would offer 10 bucks for a video on practically anything. There would be 8 bucks, 10 bucks, and 12 buck call for content offers. Those days are gone. Many writers complain that AC pays so little now for articles after they went to the page view bonus money.

But look around the Internet. Associated Content has the market on paying upfront for articles. You don't have to struggle with the quality of your writing. You don't even have to worry that much about SEO content of your article. Trust me, it won't affect your upfront money offers for AC.

I've experimented with niche topics, SEO, keyword density, promotion and so forth. AC pretty much as a budget that it gives to each writer for each day.

One thing I did notice was when my page view ratio to the number of articles I have submitted on AC jumped, I got slightly higher offers (about a buck). When that number drops, my offers start going downhill faster. The solution? Submit free recipes, poems and other items. Your regular following will give you a few page views.

Someone once suggested you write 1 page view only (or freebie) article for AC for every 10 articles you write.. ie 10 percent.

My clout has not affected my earnings.

How much I comment hasn't affected my page view bonus money. So far, consistently for about a year, my page view money has monthly been within 10 to 30 bucks of the other months, regardless if I comment or submit 1 article or 500 for the month.

Bottom line.. increase your page view ratio and get higher upfront offers from Associated Content. You can do it the long and tedious way of subscribing, commenting, promoting and back linking or you can submit 10 to 20 percent free articles (page view only) to increase your ratio.

Quick Secret to Supplement Your eHow Income

I'm not into doing a lot of opinions. Can you tell? Ha, ha. That was a joke if you're new to my blog!

I've spent a lot of time writing articles for eHow. The problem is, most articles don't start to see anything significant in money until they're at least 3 months old. Well, I haven't been there a full 3 months yet. How can a work at home freelance writer pay bills and wait for their library to build and age on eHow?

Also, if you write articles from home for eHow, you'll discover that they pay monthly. This means you have to really plan your family budget and finances to be able to wait for one paycheck. Many of us, myself included, are used to getting money at least bi-weekly for writing adventures and to live. You can't just tell the bill collectors, oh please wait. I'm going to get my eHow deposit soon.

So, what is my big secret to supplement your eHow income? If you are a U.S. writer, go and sign up for an account with Associated Content. Then go to your local grocery store website. Pick out food products that you've tried and cooked before. Pick out cleaning products that you've used. Write a 425 word review about the products. AC will pay you upfront money three days a week after they make the offers.

Initially, you won't get high offers. As your clout builds (through page views) you'll get more offers. Review Stream pays $2 maximum for a product review (electronics and meds-- usually). With AC you should expect to get a minimum of $3. Plus, with review stream the minimum payout is $50.

Figure out how much money you need to pay your upcoming bills that are in the near future. Figure 5 business days for AC to make and offer and 1 business day more to see the money in your paypal account. That will then let you know roughly how many product reviews you need to crank out and submit each day to get the money for a specific bill.

Write an eHow article. Then go write 2 product reviews. That's the secret to faster money to supplement your eHow income while you're new to the eHow community, like myself.

Rating Star Experiment on Helium

I will be the first to admit that I don't make a lot on Helium. I started when the site was younger and had a lot of articles under 400 words. I also don't participate in the forum and all that the way I used to do. As a result, I don't have any writing stars. I have over 400 articles and it's just too time consuming to leap frog the majority of them for the amount I earn.

I started this month doing a rating experiment. I have noticed that if I keep my rating stars to 4, I am averaging just shy of a buck a day on Helium so far this month. The month is new. It will be interesting to see if it continues. If it does, for the first time in several months, I might make payout in one month instead of two.

I'd love it if I could make more money from home writing for Helium. But I still am of the opinion that a lot of what goes on at Helium is popularity. LOL

Friday, June 5, 2009

My First 10 Buck Day on eHow Earnings

First, I'd like to thank everyone that has been reading my blog on my eHow journey. I'm starting to notice a slight increase in traffic. Thank you for helping to get the word out about my eHow earnings and my eHow blog. Without you, I'd be writing to empty air. Thank you! A special thank you to those that have visited the ad sponsors to keep it possible for me to continue writing. This blog earns money like eHow. When visitors click an ad on eHow, you earn money. Same on this thing.

Well, I'm very excited. Today when the eHow earnings updated, I had earned 10 bucks and some change. This is the first time that I've been able to do that!!! I'm very excited. I remember how I was so hoping to make 10 bucks of earnings on my articles to reach the first month payout. Now, I made it in one day.

It's very true that your articles keep paying you when you write for eHow. In fact, the older articles, as others have stated, do actually start making more than the newer articles. If you're new, keep plugging along.

I have learned something that is AGAINST what all the other tutorials and eHow guides or eBooks tell you to do. MANY of my higher earning articles are NOT the high paying keywords. Don't focus on that. Focus on writing what you know about and what you love to learn about. This is going to get you the most money in the long run.

Write articles that give good and exact how to instructions. Write about things you wished others had explained to you how to do before you set out for a task. This will help you get good eHow earnings.

I saw that one writer on eHow forum had reached their 1,000th eHow article. They said they write about the gardening niche! Congratulations.

While quality is very important, volume and a following is important as well. With quality... you'll get a following. With volume you'll increase the odds of enough articles having good enough ads that others will click them.

Happy writing and don't give up making money at home dreams that you have. You can do this. Believe in yourself.