Friday, June 5, 2009

My First 10 Buck Day on eHow Earnings

First, I'd like to thank everyone that has been reading my blog on my eHow journey. I'm starting to notice a slight increase in traffic. Thank you for helping to get the word out about my eHow earnings and my eHow blog. Without you, I'd be writing to empty air. Thank you! A special thank you to those that have visited the ad sponsors to keep it possible for me to continue writing. This blog earns money like eHow. When visitors click an ad on eHow, you earn money. Same on this thing.

Well, I'm very excited. Today when the eHow earnings updated, I had earned 10 bucks and some change. This is the first time that I've been able to do that!!! I'm very excited. I remember how I was so hoping to make 10 bucks of earnings on my articles to reach the first month payout. Now, I made it in one day.

It's very true that your articles keep paying you when you write for eHow. In fact, the older articles, as others have stated, do actually start making more than the newer articles. If you're new, keep plugging along.

I have learned something that is AGAINST what all the other tutorials and eHow guides or eBooks tell you to do. MANY of my higher earning articles are NOT the high paying keywords. Don't focus on that. Focus on writing what you know about and what you love to learn about. This is going to get you the most money in the long run.

Write articles that give good and exact how to instructions. Write about things you wished others had explained to you how to do before you set out for a task. This will help you get good eHow earnings.

I saw that one writer on eHow forum had reached their 1,000th eHow article. They said they write about the gardening niche! Congratulations.

While quality is very important, volume and a following is important as well. With quality... you'll get a following. With volume you'll increase the odds of enough articles having good enough ads that others will click them.

Happy writing and don't give up making money at home dreams that you have. You can do this. Believe in yourself.


Lisa Curcio said...


I am not there yet, but hope to be soon. May was the first month I met my goal of 10 articles a month and I ended up writing 11. If I keep going like this I will be following your footsteps soon!

Keep up the good work, I love your articles and your blog!

admiller said...

Congratulations and thanks for sharing! I hope to be there someday. I love your advice about writing what you know. It can be a real distraction to put effort into learning SEO instead of writing your passion.

John said...

very good article, and detailed. I will most certainly keep up to date with your posts!