Sunday, May 25, 2008

Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight in Less Than 24 Hours without Dieting or Exercise

Do you want to rapidly lose weight and do it without dieting or exercise? Weight loss is a major issue for many people and quick fixes seem like the ideal solution. After all, what if you have a party or a blind date to go on? You can lose weight in less than 24 hours without dieting or exercise. Sounds great! If you want the edge over your co-workers at work weigh-in competitions this is the way to go!
(Disclaimer: This article was written in humor and not at all for dieting and health advice. Do not follow these tips for losing weight. They are not healthy and were written for humor.)

Lose Weight in Less Than 24 Hours without Dieting or Exercise Tip #1: Don’t Drink Any Liquids for 24 hours

If you don’t drink any liquids for 24 hours, you will drop some weight. Your body will not retain fluid and you will even be good at dehydrating yourself! But hey, it will lose you some weight.

Lose Weight in Less Than 24 Hours without Dieting or Exercise Tip #2: Go Potty Before the Event

Go potty a whole lot before the event. This will help you lose a little bit more weight too. If you’re weighing in for a work weight loss competition, you can have the edge over your co-workers.

Lose Weight in Less Than 24 Hours without Dieting or Exercise Tip #3: Take Lots of Laxatives

Just think about all that waste in your body! It weighs pounds. You can lose one, two or even three pounds from taking laxatives. And just think about how clean your body will be. No-one can say that you are full of it anymore! Of course you might miss your event or weigh in because you spend all your time on the porcelain throne and with stomach cramps. But what is a little abdominal pain and a sore rear if you can drop weight?

Lose Weight in Less Than 24 Hours without Dieting or Exercise Tip #4: Skip the Underwear

Alright, sure underwear doesn’t weigh a huge amount but it does weigh something. Every little ounce helps with tipping the scale! Go commando and you can lower the number on the scale.

Lose Weight in Less Than 24 Hours without Dieting or Exercise Tip #5: Shave All Your Hair Off

With the reduction in weight from going commando and then shaving all your hair off, you’re sure to decrease your weight by another pound. Shave your legs, armpits, arms, back, chest, eyebrows and face. Any place that has hair, get rid of it. Don’t worry, you will weigh less and the hair will grow back. Oh and don’t wear a hat when you weigh because that defeats the purpose of shaving your head.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Top 3 Reasons to have a MySpace Webkinz Layout

I think that Webkinz is a really neat way to interact with your kids and even teens in a safe environment. The neat thing about Webkinz is that even adults can get into them. There are a lot of things that you can do with Webkinz, even as an adult with the heart of a child. If you like Webkinz, having a MySpace Webkinz layout could be a lot of fun. You could pick a MySpace Webkinz layout that would be just perfect for your MySpace page. Here are my top three reasons that someone would have a MySpace Webkinz layout.

Top 3 Reasons for a MySpace Webkinz Layout #1: Just Plain Fun
Having a MySpace Webkinz Layout is just plain fun if you are a Webkinz lover. What a fun way to share your passion for Webkinz.

Top 3 Reasons for a MySpace Webkinz Layout #2: Unique MySpace Layout
Since not a lot of people have a MySpace Webkinz layout, you can have a unique MySpace layout that will grab the attention of a lot of people. Your layout won’t be like everyone else’s MySpace layout.

Top 3 Reasons for a MySpace Webkinz Layout #3: Your MySpace Layout Will Stay New
Your MySpace profile will get old over time. If you use something new and refreshing, then you will have more fun with MySpace and the MySpace Webkinz layout is a perfect solution to a MySpace layout page getting old. There are a lot of MySpace Webkinz layouts to choose from so you can use a variety of them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Annoying Habits of Restaraunt Patrons

I do not eat out a whole lot and like to enjoy my restaurant experience. However, there are some people that have some very annoying eating habits that you can’t help but notice. Then their annoying eating habits end up virtually ruining the entire restaurant experience. Do people really forget that they are in a public restaurant? Do they not know how annoying they are?

Annoying Habit of Blowing Nose at the Table
Oh my word. I have seen so many nasty people blow their nose at the table. Come on now. If you got snot running out of your nose, you can at least go to the bathroom to blow it. Even more annoying, is the rude person that feels they must use the napkin at the table and then put it back in their lap. I can really lose my appetite when I see this annoying habit. What makes this habit so annoying is that these restaurant patrons are so obnoxiously loud about the entire process.

Annoying Habit of Slurping Drinks
You know there is a reason for a straw and a reason for free drink refills. If you simply put your glass at the edge of the table, the server will notice that you need a refill. It is a very annoying habit for others to have to listen to you slurp your drinks. People that have this annoying habit, really do it so loudly. You can’t but help hear them. I want so badly to go over to their table and dump their ice on their head.

Annoying Habit of Chomping Their Cud
If I can hear you chewing your food two tables away, you can bet that no-one at your table can hear you talk. It is so annoying to not only see someone chewing with their mouth open but to be able to hear them chomping their cud and smacking their lips.

Annoying Habit of Laughing Really Loudly
Oh my word, I can’t count the times that some restaurant patron laughed so loudly that everyone turned their head to see. Worse yet, is the person that not only laughs incredibly loud but has an annoying laughter. It’s the kind that sends chills down your spine like running your finger nails up and down a chalk board. Really these annoying laughter people should never go out in public to eat or at least everyone be kind and keep the conversation extremely serious.

Annoying Habit of Sticking Your Head Under the Sneeze Guard
This probably the most annoying habit that I’ve seen of restaurant patrons. They actually stick their heads under the sneeze guard on salad bars and buffet tables. Don’t you think that guard is there for a reason? I really don’t want you breathing all over my food.

Favorite Summer Fun Recipe: Dale Earnhardt's Fish and Vegetable Rolls recipe

I love summer time because Nascar is always around. The speed of the cars and the amazing wrecks are really something to enjoy on the weekends during the summer. In fact, I feel like summer is only really here when Nascar officially begins. Dale Earnhardt was one of my favorite drivers to watch. Earnhardt was amazing and a very skilled driver. I had to share this favorite summer recipe for fish and vegetables. The summer recipe is very delicious and easy to make. Your family will love the taste of this summer recipe. I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.
Source: NASCAR Cooks with Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce
12 asparagus spears
2 carrots, peeled and cut into thin strips
1/4 cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons seasoned dry bread crumbs
2 tablespoons country-style Dijon mustard
1 tablespoons chopped fresh dill or 1 teaspoon dried
1 teaspoon Tabasco brand Pepper Sauce
4 flounder or sole fillets
In a 12-inch skillet over high heat, combine asparagus, carrots, and enough water to cover vegetables; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer 2 to 3 minutes or until vegetables are crisp-tender; drain.
Heat oven to 450 degrees F.
In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, bread crumbs, mustard, dill and TABASCO Sauce. Spread half of mixture on top sides of fish fillets. Top each fillet with one-fourth of cooked asparagus and carrots. Roll fish around vegetables and place seam side down in a greased 12 x 8 x 2-inch baking dish. Spread remaining mustard mixture on tops of fish rolls. Bake 12 to 15 minutes or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork.
Makes 4 servings.

How to Make Garden Buckets with Teens and Kids for a Fun Summer Project

There are many wonderful gardening projects that you can do with teens and kids when warm weather hits. The key to gardening with teens is to make the project fun enough that they will not think that it's stupid. At the same time, you want it easy but not too easy. There is a fine balance. I came across a gardening project called garden buckets that work well with teens and with kids that are school age. The great thing is that this project can be done as a family and does not cost a great deal. With warm weather you can get all of the supplies needed for the garden buckets without spending a fortune. It is fun to do flowers and plants in these little family gardens.

Have Fun with the Buckets

Allow the teen or child to select the bucket that they want to use for the garden buckets project that they will plant their flowers and plants in. Once you have the bucket in tow, you can go to the local craft supply store and select items to decorate the bucket with. Keep it simple and easy depending on the child's crafting skill level.

Garden buckets should be fun and a great way to show off flowers. A teen can decorate with bling, markers, stickers, paint, nail polish or whatever they think of. Younger children can decorate with markers and stickers. You can even surprise spray painting the garden buckets. The key is to have fun with the project and enjoy some family time together.

Putting the Garden Buckets Together

Once your teen or child has decorated their garden bucket, it is time to get the plants, flowers, soil and fertilizer pellets. In the bottom of the bucket drill a few drain holes. Line the bottom of the bucket with leftover Styrofoam peanuts or rocks to keep the flowers and plants drained. Mix a small amount of the time released fertilizer pellets in with the soil. Dig a small hole and plant several plants or flowers in the garden buckets. Water thoroughly.

Did you know that with younger children you can do edible plants such as flowering pansies, cute and pretty nasturiums and adorable little gem marigolds. You can also do cherry tomatoes and other blooming vegetables. This way if the younger child decides to eat the plants, they will not get sick.

Show off the Garden Buckets

Part of the family fun of a garden bucket is getting to show it off to friends and relatives. Kids and teens love to show off their projects and will be proud of their new flowers and plants in the garden buckets. The buckets are so easy to put together, that you might end up with several of them. Your teen or child can take them to friend's houses, get together and to the grandparents to show up what they made and their personal garden.

Great Gift Idea

Garden buckets are so easy to make that they make a great gift idea. Your child and teen get the fun of making the new gardens and can decorate the bucket with the gift recipient in mind. For example, for Father's Day you could decorate the bucket with a theme that fits something your Dad likes to do. Gift recipients will love that your child or teen took the time to make the garden buckets and enjoy taking care of the flowers and plants after they receive it. You can centerpiece the garden bucket with a tomato plant and then put the smaller plants around the bucket. This is a great way to give someone special a tomato garden and flower garden combined.

Pet Owners Relieved When African Grey Parrot Tells Where Home Is

A family pet is very precious and important to pet owners. In fact, many family pets are treated as children or actual members of the family. How many times have you heard someone say that their pet thinks that they are human? African Grey parrots are extremely intelligent and live a long time. The African Grey parrot is an expensive pet bird that many people have the pleasure of having as part of their family. You can teach this parrot simple tricks, to talk, to sing and some can even do simple math problems if you have the patience to work with them. According to Associated Press, a Japanese family lost their African Grey parrot and all the training that they had done really paid off.

In a city near Tokyo, Japan a lovely African Grey parrot named Yosuke flew out of his cage and ended up on the roof. Police were dispatched to rescue Yosuke. According to the report, the African Grey decided to stay mute when he was at the police station. He would not speak or do anything. If you know these birds, it is probably that Yosuke felt nervous around the police and the all of the commotion that is normally in a police station.

The police decided the following day to transport Yosuke to a vet office. Once he relaxed some, Yosuke decided to open up to the vet. According to Associated Press, the African Grey had been taught for the past two years to say his name and recite his address. While at the vet station, the African Grey parrot did just this for the vet. The information that the parrot gave turned out to be correct. His thorough training ended up saving his life and having him rejoin his human family.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol David Boxing Match

Everyone has been saying how the finale of the American Idol season 7 are between David and David. It is funny how everyone has been saying that this is a boxing match of sorts. It was soooooooo cute when the show started tonight with Big David versus Little David. I loved how they did the boxing theme for this finale this year. It is terrific! We have it on DVR so I haven't gotten to see the rest of it yet.

I just love how they're doing it though!

What's your opinion on the format of it?

Take Away that Driver's License to the Car

I guess with the price of gas so high and just feeling the crunch from financial demands, I seem to notice the little things more when I am driving. Traffic always seems the worst when I am trying to drive some place in a hurry. Other drivers seem to have no clue as to how to drive. It is a wonder that they got the car turned on in the first place. Some annoying drivers should not be allowed to drive.

Sunday Afternoon Elderly Finger Gesture

So, I'm driving along and the left lane must merge to the right lane. There is no traffic behind me. I follow the speed limit. The elderly man rushes past my car and nearly clips me trying to get over. I had to literally slam on the breaks. Then his lovely female elderly companion shoots me the bird!

Rolling Stick Shifter

I am approaching a light that is on a slight incline. I don't sit on the bumper. We're not going to get through the light faster if I can count your nose hairs in your rear view mirror. But this driver just kept rolling their car back and forth at the light. I wanted to tell them that I got.. they have a stick shift and roll. Good grief!

Stuck Turn Signal

Driving along the highway in my car, there is another car with the left turn signal on. They are in the slow lane. I speed up so that they can go into the fast lane. Nope. No good. They stay. It turns out later that they drove for approximately 10 miles with that left turn signal on and then exited to the right. If you are too stupid to see your turn signal light flashing in your dashboard, do you really need a license?

Fast Lane Slow Birds

There is a reason that they call it the passing lane and fast lane. You are supposed to drive a little above the speed limit. Ok, you might want to even drive more than a little above the speed limit. Come on now! Then you get someone that wants to play follow the leader. They cut you off at above the speed limit movement and then slow down. You try to pass on the right, and they just happen to go right too. It is like having to follow the leader. If you can't figure out which lane you're supposed to drive slow in, why have a license?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How to Get Rid of a Telemarketer

I realize that a telemarketer probably did not sit and dream of harassing people on the phone when they were asked in high school what they wanted to do with their life. I'm also sure that a telemarketer didn't raise their hand in middle school and say, "Oh yes, I want to be a telemarketer when I grow up." So don't get me wrong. I know that everyone has to make money and pay the bills. Yet, there are times that I really don't have the patience for telemarketers. I would like to spend my time with the family without the interruption. My biggest peeve is when the telemarketer calls your phone right in the middle of the family meal.

Family Meal Call

Tell you what. When you're at home eating dinner, call me and we'll chat.
Let me put you on hold while I finish eating my family meal and then we'll chat.
Did you know that I'm having steak, rib eye, homemade onion rings, a delicious pasta salad and a lovely chocolate dessert?

Evening Phone Call

When you get off of work, I'll call you. What is your number?
Can you hold on please? Yes, I'll talk to you when this show is over. It just started.
Do you mind us chatting while I'm sitting on the toilet baking cookies and smelling up the bathroom?
The person you are calling for is now in prison and will be back in twenty years. Do you want me to have them call you collect from the prison?

Anytime Phone Call

My grandson loves talking on the phone. He's so adorable at it. Oh! He wants a turn. Hold on. I'll put him on so you can see first hand.
I"m right in the middle of having sex. I can put you on hold until we're done.
Will you write something down for me please? It's my shopping list. Gun, rope, duct tape, fire crackers, gorilla glue, bat

MySpace is Turning into a Teen Playground

I have noticed that MySpace is turning into a teen playground. The more and more that I look around on MySpace, the more teens I see than any other group of people. Perhaps, I am looking in the wrong places? I think that it is discouraging that social networking sites are turning all to teens. What happened to talking to your teen friends on the phone? What happened to writing letters by hand?

Teens spend way too much time on MySpace. They have to comment on each other. They have to put up pictures. And look at all the horror stories you read in the news about teens and MySpace. These don't even account for all the other horrible events that happen probably by the minute on MySpace.

I let my teen talk some on MySpace but there is frustration that I am constantly monitoring the page and reviewing the picts and comments. I was absolutely shocked at some of the comments and suggestions that are made by teens on MySpace. I'm not any goody hoot person. I have been exposed to a lot. But the amount of profanity and sexual suggestions and flat out disgusting things that teens are putting up on MySpace really makes me wonder about the future of our country.

YouTube Review of Exploding Volcano Cake

I was browsing around YouTube and just relaxing for the day when I came across this YouTube video by accident. It looks like a lot of family fun. The parents of a young child had built an edible, exploding volcano cake. I can tell you by the size of the thing and the real lava that it must not be easy to make. But the family and friends at the party seemed to have a really good time. I'm sure that everyone was in love with the idea. I thought it was absolutely fascinating to watch. Can you imagine how much science a kid can learn at the birthday party and afterwards when parents talk about volcanoes? What a neat idea!

If you want to see this YouTube video, you can go to this link:

Make sure to turn up your volume. At the end, the birthday kid tells his family that he doesn't want to eat his cake! It was too cute. I had to watch it a couple times to hear all the different things that were being said.

So take a break from your day and check out the video. It is pretty fun to watch and not very long.

SharedReveiw More Insider Scoop Information

I recently joined SharedReviews and have really enjoyed the experience with the community there. When I first wrote the other article about SharedReveiws for everyone I was still learning the process. Well I found out some more from making friends and reading the forums. In fact, I have run into some friends from Associated Content over there as well. SharedReviews has just come out of beta testing. It is a good chance to get in at the ground level of this site. They take the reviews that are posted by members and share them with other sites to make money. They pay the top 10 articles in a review subcategory 50% of the ad revenue. Then the remainder 50% is split among the voters. If you vote well, you can make money with SharedReviews without ever writing a single article. Just vote for friends and the top reviews to see a nice residual income.

Vote for the Top 10 in a Subcategory

I initially said in the other article to vote for the top 10 people. I was wrong. You vote for the top 10 in the subcategory. But there is a trick. You get new votes each month BUT you never can vote on a review but once. So choose your votes wisely!

One hard thing is wanting to vote on your friends' reviews and hope for reciprocal votes. I have found that reciprocal votes aren't really going to happen. Some friends might vote on your stuff but the majority of people are voting randomly or on the top 10 in each subcategory. LOL Also, now that it's the end of the month a lot of people have run out of votes.

Shared Reveiw Score or SR Score to get You Money

On your profile you will see the SR score. This starts at 50% and goes up and down as you interact in the community. The higher the SR score the more votes you get to cast. The more votes you cast, the chances are in your favor that the review will make the top 10 in the subcategory and bring you in money.

How to Increase your SR Score

Your SR score will slowly go up if you vote for other's reviews.
Making friends.
Commenting several sentences on reviews (even if you don't vote for it)
Write reviews

Decreases in SR Score

Writing short comments
Writing voted in your comments
Having a friend request rejected

How Much Money Can You Make?

I have no idea. I feel certain though that it is more than some of the shared revenue sites. It is a great way to social network and have fun too. I like to cast votes and comment when I'm between writing tasks or relaxing.

I took the time to look at other member's earnings. You can make more money than:

If you cast you votes well, you can make more money than one ptc ad site or even doing several of them.

You can make more money just from voting than what you make doing ratings on Helium. You can make more money from a couple of good reviews and voting than you might make on Helium in adshare revenue.

You can make more money than the average person makes on Google adsense ads coming to their blogs, and even more so for new blogs and newbies to the Google adsense system. You can also make more money than the average person or new blog to Bidvertiser.

You can make more money than the average person makes on the paid to socialize sites.

If you stop and think, when you register you are brand new but if you get friends, up your SR score and vote like crazy, you can make money with SharedReviews. I wouldn't use it as my primary writing venue or social venue. However, it is a nice little residue income for sitting around voting and sending friend invites.

How to Get a Ton of Friends

After you register, click the two people holding hands on some of the reviews you are voting on. The monitor on the same screen being green means that they are showing online. Once you get some friends, click community. Click firends. Go to one of the friends. Click view all friends. With each friend, click send friend invite. It's that simple.

When you click your community board you can find out how many votes you have left. You can see which friends left comments, voted or have new reviews to vote on. It's really cool.

For example, Click Here for my link. You can click the orange people holding hands. That will send me a friend request. You can see if I'm online by the red or green monitor. The envelope is to send me mail there. After I accept the friend, you click community, friends and then view all friends by my name. I have over 200 friends so that will get you started.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

SharedReview Offers Work at Home Opportunity

You can work at home and make some good money by sharing reviews. Reviews are an excellent way to target audiences and make money. There are many different things around you that you can review on a daily basis. If you have time to write short reviews, this is a good work at home opportunity for you. SharedReviews is a legitimate website that lets you know how your reviews are doing; allows you to vote on reviews; lets you comment on reviews and even shows how many reviews the community has published. It is legitimate work at home opportunity for mothers, students, dads and anyone else interested in making a little side money from working at home.

SharedReviews is an up and coming website that allows members to post reviews on numerous products. However, don't expect to get rich quick from SharedReviews. There are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your time on SharedReviews and increase your earning potential. Here are some ways to make the most out of SharedReviews.

Use Votes Wisely

Vote a lot. You have limited number of votes per month. This is to keep people from over-voting or voting for things twice. You also have limited votes per sub-category. Under the COMMUNITY button you can check your votes to see how many you have left and what sub-categories and main categories are open.

You get a percentage of the ad revenue from each of the reviews that you vote on. Now normally, you would want to vote on reviews as reciprocal votes. BUT, remember that the number of people that voted are sharing the ad revenue. So, you need to pick someone in the top 10 for ranking and then start voting on their reviews from the lowest votes to the highest. For example, you could vote on a Rank 5 person that has a review with only 3 votes. This means that you have a bigger chance of getting the most for your time because there aren't already 60 some votes for that particular review.

So, use your votes for the top 10 ranked people and pick reviews with the lowest number of current votes.

Next, you're not going to get anyone to vote for your stuff if you don't vote for their stuff. After all it is a social network. After you finish voting for the top 10 ranked people, go ahead and scatter in reciprocal votes. You can click community and see who has voted on your reviews that you posted.

At the time of posting this article, I have 840 total votes that I can use. This means that you have plenty to share as reciprocal votes.

Accept Friends

Accept friends when they request it. This helps your overall community ranking. The higher your community ranking, the more money you can potentially earn from SharedReviews. So, make certain to accept friends. Also, ask others to be your friends as well. This is one time that in the social networking system you can never have too many friends on SharedReviews.

Circle of Life Poem

Life is indeed a circle. Sometimes this circle can best be described in poetry. The life cycle is all about relationships, understanding the patterns of life and realizing that life does go on regardless of what you think or what you do. I wrote this poem to celebrate the circle of life. It is a poem that has a great deal of hope and meaning to me about life.

Circle of Life

Little patter of footsteps,
Cute noises in the night as they sleep.

Spilled cup of milk,
Dropped green bean.

First report card of smileys and check marks,
T-ball and ballet.

Latest fashion trends,
Middle school graduation.

Cell phone glue to the ear,
Car keys lost.

Oral presentations and thesis papers,
College graduation.

Love is in the air,
Wedding bells ringing.

Ah yes again....

Little patter of footsteps,
Cute noises in the night as they sleep.

Walk It Haiku

There are times that relationships can be very difficult. You can hear someone nagging at you constantly. Yet, your mind doesn't want to relax. This poem is about such an experience. It can be difficult in relationships to let it go. But you must remember that in relationships, the person doing all the nagging is probably not very happy. You cannot change the other person in relationships and must be content to know that you can take back the power. This poem is dedicated to all of those people out there that have to listen to a nag in their relationships.

Walk It

Walk it out my friend,
Don't listen to the ramblings,
He has no peace now.

Pen in Hand Poem

I have been lucky and not suffered writer's block too often. But at times, writer's block can be really frustrating. I'm used to having writing ideas. Just to stare at the paper and have no writing ideas can at times be very scary. What if I never think of another writing idea? This poem is in tribute to those times that writing ideas just seem to escape me. Often poetry is a good way to get the muse awake again.

Pen in Hand

Pen in hand,
Paper blank,
Staring back at me,
Begging me.

Pen in hand,
Paper blank,
Write on me,
Fill me.

Pen in hand,
Paper blank,
Tell the world,
Give me life.


Pen in hand,
Paper blank,

Pilot Makes Passenger Sit on Toilet for Jetblue Airways

I like to listen to the radio as I drive around. The other morning during my commute, I heard the most bizarre radio show story. I was really shocked by this story and did an Internet search to see if it was just a radio show gag or had any validity to it. To my amazement, the story actually had some validity to it. According to the story, Jetblue Airways are in a lot of trouble when a pilot forced a passenger to make a three hour flight in the airplane bathroom. I was completely shocked that such a thing could happen today. Does a pilot really have that much control over what happens on a plane?

According to airline reports and court papers, a male passenger was forced to ride in the bathroom of the airplane for a three hour trip. The man was Gokhan Mutlu of Manhattan. Mr. Manhattan is now suing Jetblue Airways for a total of two million dollars.

What happened?

According to the way things have been told, Mr. Manhattan was on standby pass. This means that he got a seat at the last minute on the plane. The airline staff took the last seat but then decided to use the jump seat. Well part of the way into the flight, the flight attendant decided that she didn't want the jump seat. So the pilot told the passenger to give up his seat and if he wanted a seat to go to the airplane toilet. The passenger complied and spent 3 hours in the airplane toilet for his seat on the flight.

Mr. Manhattan objected to going to the toilet for his flight seat. However, according to the report papers and other accountings of the story, the pilot essentially told Mr. Manhattan that the plane was the pilot's to decide what did or did not happen on the plane.

Let's get real people. Couldn't Mr. Manhattan sit in his seat while the flight attendant was doing her duties? Couldn't he have objected a little bit louder? The flight attendant should not have claimed the last seat on the plane. The jump seat could've been utilized part of the time. It is completely absurd that Mr. Manhattan would just go and sit on the toilet.

Do you think that he was crazy? I do! I think that he was just looking for a reason to sue the airline. And how did he come up with the two million dollar amount? I'm sure some lawyer is hoping for a big piece of that action. And all of this for being stupid enough to sit on an airplane seat?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Treat for Bugsy

Bugsy is grey and white baby bunny. He's been away from his mom for a bit. One of my favorite things to do with my baby bunny is to hold him on my chest. I noticed that he feels safe and secure next to my heartbeat. One of the favorite treats of this baby bunny is carrot pieces. He eats and watches me curiously. It is so adorable and I love this baby bunny so much.

Treat for Bugsy

Twitch of the nose,
Curious glance from the eyes,
Twitch of the nose.

Nibble of the carrot piece,
Curious glance from the eyes,
Nibble of the carrot piece.

Laying on my chest content,
Curious glance from the eyes,
Laying on my chest content.

Miley Cyrus Stop Whining

According to the Associated Press, Miley Cyrus if full of embarrassment and even apologized to her fans publicly for the Annie Leibovitz photo spread. Miley Cyrus willingly participated in the photo shoot but now has regrets after seeing the end result. Many fans know Miley Cyrus for her 2008 CMT awards in Nashville, Tennessee. You might be familiar with Annie Leibovitz's work from photos of the pregnant Demi Moore's naked belly or other shots of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. Miley Cyrus participated in the photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz but now has regrets from the celebrity photo shoot which will have the spread in the upcoming Vanity Fair issue.

What is in these photos of Miley Cyrus? According to the Associated Press report, one of the photos has Miley Cyrus wrapped in a silk sheet while in a posture of looking over her shoulder. She is completely bare back in the shot. There are concerns that this is not the ideal image to depict of the teen that also stars on the Disney Channel show, "Hannah Montana".

I'm not sure what all the big hype is about with the photo shoot. Miley Cyrus voluntarily took the shots. She also was familiar with the artsy nature that the photographer has been famous for in the past. Surely her producers and family were also aware of this.

Was she seduced and tricked into this? I hardly think so. According to the Associated Press report, Miley Cyrus and her family were shown the shots that were taken digitally. In fact, they were initially pleased with them.

Mily Cyrus should stop whining. It's great for Vanity Fair because now everyone is going to want to see the issue that is causing such a buzz.

Associated Press, Monday, April 28th 2008

Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana Quotes

Miley Cyrus is known to many and has a huge fan base. Many people know her for the series of "Hannah Montana", which Miley Cyrus initially auditioned for at the young age of 11 years old and initially was rejected for the parts of Lilly and Hannah. I thought that fans might like to read some interesting quotes from Miley Cyrus.

"My dad and I talk all the time about the important stuff in my life. He and my mom know how much I appreciate them and our relationship is good because we spend time together. I am happy to be a part of this day to help other kids feel the same way."

"I think my dad is a lot cooler than other dads. He still acts like he's still 17."

"In general, I like guys who are musicians or into music like I am. I need a guy who's calmer thanI am because I'm hyper and my mom tells me I need one who has a T-Mobile cell plan, like mine, so my phone bill won't be outrageous."

"I'm not letting any stupid decisions get in my way. I want to be a role model, letting girls know that they can follow their dreams."

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David Cook American Idol

David Cook is really making a stand on American Idol Season 7. In fact, many people and fans think that David Cook will become the season's American Idol. Fans stand to their feet when David Cook sings and the telephone lines are typically busy as you try to cast your vote at the end of the American Idol show. I watched an American Idol video introducing David Cook and thought that I'd share with fans and readers what I learned from the video.

You can read the first article of interesting facts about David Cook that I wrote by clicking here.

Started Singing at an Early Age

David Cook started singing at a very early age. According to the American Idol introductory video, David Cook had a music teacher at the age of 5 years old. Her name was Ms. Gentry. After his mom heard him singing in the bathroom, she told David's music teacher that he could sing. Ms. Gentry must have agreed with Cook's mom because David Cook was given a solo part in the Christmas pageant.

Favorite Pastimes

According to the American Idol introductory video, when he has time David Cook enjoys watching television, eating and sleeping in.

College Life

David Cook studied graphic design in college. But all through his college years, he yearned to do music full time. In fact, since his teens he had inspired to become a full time musician with his life. According to the American Idol introductory video, David Cook graduated from the University of Central Missouri. He then packed up his items and headed to Tusla to join a band.

Family Life Support

David Cook feels a great amount of appreciation for the support of his family and friends as he journeys through to become a top musician. His mom after all was the one that told his music teacher that he could sing. His father has purchased his equipment for him on several occasions. Friends and family have even chipped in for gas money so that David Cook could drive to music gigs.

Other Work Outside of Music
According to the American Idol introductory video, David Cook will say that his most interesting job was working as a bee mascot for Old Country Buffet in Independence Missouri. In fact in his interview with American Idol, David Cook says that he has Mrs. Hayes to thank for that being his most interesting job. He kept the job for about half a year and then left after he was beat up as a bee at a baseball tournament.

Weirdest Thing Eaten

I'll conclude this article with the weirdest thing that David Cook has ever consumed. According to the American Idol introductory video, David was in a church camp game to win some money. The contest was to drink a large soda with a live minnow swimming it. As you might have guessed, David Cook chugged the soda and swallowed the live minnow.

Like This?

If you enjoyed reading about the American Idol interview with David Cook, please email the link to this article to your friends, relatives and other David Cook fans. You can read the first article of interesting facts about David Cook that I wrote by clicking here.

Time Watcher

Sometimes there a moments that seem to stand still in clock of time. It is like life is completely frozen and time has no reference and there are no clocks. At other points, it seems as if time is never enough and you find yourself watching your clock. You just need one more hour, one more minute .. just more time on that clock..

Time Watcher

Appointments are today,
Have to allow for traffic,
Allow for filling out forms,
Making me a time watcher.

Clothes in the wash,
Clothes in the dryer,
Will I time it just right?
Making me a time watcher.

Favorite reality show tonight,
Phone call from a friend,
Dishes to clean,
Making me a time watcher.

Is there enough time?
Does time really matter?
Got to get it all done,
Yes.. time watcher.

Stifled Hand

Learning to type with one hand is a real challenge. Can't tell you how strange it feels to look at the keyboard and type. After a freak accident cooking, I am now temporarily one handed when it comes to typing and work. Here is a poem about it.

Stifled Hand

Letters staring at me,
Typing and pecking away,
Lots to still say,
But limited movement
Stifles me

Is Your Rebate Check Stimulating?

Is your rebate check stimulating? Are you going to go out and spend it on items that have been on your wish list? The rebate check is supposed to stimulate the economy and help people out. At times, though I really wonder if it will. After all, stop a minute and look at what you are spending it on.

If you go out and get a new or used car that is foreign made... hmmmm

If you go out and buy a new wardrobe at Walmart ... hmmmmmmmm

If you pay off your bills ... hmmmmmm

The only real way to keep it supporting Americans is for it to be spent on American Made items like you find at flea markets and yard sales or bake sales.

Just my 2 cents

Why I Watch American Idol

I didn't originally start out as an American Idol fan. I had never heard of Simon Cowell or even Paula. Yet, I'd hear people talking about these crazy tryouts on American Idol and how hilarious some of them could be. So, I finally decided last season to sit down and if nothing else just watch the American Idol tryouts. You might of guessed what happened then!

This year, I did the same thing. I'm just going to watch the American Idol tryouts. But, I find I connect with a few of the singers and hopefuls. I end up becoming a fan and calling in my votes. So, if someone is uncertain about American Idol, just tell them to watch only the tryouts. More than likely they'll become an American Idol fan like I did.

Talented Goldfish

Dr. Pomerleau is a goldfish lover that claims his goldfish knows how to play football, play basketball, and even is known to swim under a goldfish limbo pole. The 41 year old doctor is from Los Angeles and claims that using positive reinforcement; he was able to teach his goldfish Comet some amazing tricks.

According to, Dr. Pomerlau has fish equipment in the aquarium for Comet to do the tricks shuch as the limbo, slalom and even fetch! There is a video at the that you can watch. Take a break from reading and writing and watch this funny video.

The link is