Thursday, May 15, 2008

SharedReview Offers Work at Home Opportunity

You can work at home and make some good money by sharing reviews. Reviews are an excellent way to target audiences and make money. There are many different things around you that you can review on a daily basis. If you have time to write short reviews, this is a good work at home opportunity for you. SharedReviews is a legitimate website that lets you know how your reviews are doing; allows you to vote on reviews; lets you comment on reviews and even shows how many reviews the community has published. It is legitimate work at home opportunity for mothers, students, dads and anyone else interested in making a little side money from working at home.

SharedReviews is an up and coming website that allows members to post reviews on numerous products. However, don't expect to get rich quick from SharedReviews. There are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your time on SharedReviews and increase your earning potential. Here are some ways to make the most out of SharedReviews.

Use Votes Wisely

Vote a lot. You have limited number of votes per month. This is to keep people from over-voting or voting for things twice. You also have limited votes per sub-category. Under the COMMUNITY button you can check your votes to see how many you have left and what sub-categories and main categories are open.

You get a percentage of the ad revenue from each of the reviews that you vote on. Now normally, you would want to vote on reviews as reciprocal votes. BUT, remember that the number of people that voted are sharing the ad revenue. So, you need to pick someone in the top 10 for ranking and then start voting on their reviews from the lowest votes to the highest. For example, you could vote on a Rank 5 person that has a review with only 3 votes. This means that you have a bigger chance of getting the most for your time because there aren't already 60 some votes for that particular review.

So, use your votes for the top 10 ranked people and pick reviews with the lowest number of current votes.

Next, you're not going to get anyone to vote for your stuff if you don't vote for their stuff. After all it is a social network. After you finish voting for the top 10 ranked people, go ahead and scatter in reciprocal votes. You can click community and see who has voted on your reviews that you posted.

At the time of posting this article, I have 840 total votes that I can use. This means that you have plenty to share as reciprocal votes.

Accept Friends

Accept friends when they request it. This helps your overall community ranking. The higher your community ranking, the more money you can potentially earn from SharedReviews. So, make certain to accept friends. Also, ask others to be your friends as well. This is one time that in the social networking system you can never have too many friends on SharedReviews.

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