Sunday, May 18, 2008

SharedReveiw More Insider Scoop Information

I recently joined SharedReviews and have really enjoyed the experience with the community there. When I first wrote the other article about SharedReveiws for everyone I was still learning the process. Well I found out some more from making friends and reading the forums. In fact, I have run into some friends from Associated Content over there as well. SharedReviews has just come out of beta testing. It is a good chance to get in at the ground level of this site. They take the reviews that are posted by members and share them with other sites to make money. They pay the top 10 articles in a review subcategory 50% of the ad revenue. Then the remainder 50% is split among the voters. If you vote well, you can make money with SharedReviews without ever writing a single article. Just vote for friends and the top reviews to see a nice residual income.

Vote for the Top 10 in a Subcategory

I initially said in the other article to vote for the top 10 people. I was wrong. You vote for the top 10 in the subcategory. But there is a trick. You get new votes each month BUT you never can vote on a review but once. So choose your votes wisely!

One hard thing is wanting to vote on your friends' reviews and hope for reciprocal votes. I have found that reciprocal votes aren't really going to happen. Some friends might vote on your stuff but the majority of people are voting randomly or on the top 10 in each subcategory. LOL Also, now that it's the end of the month a lot of people have run out of votes.

Shared Reveiw Score or SR Score to get You Money

On your profile you will see the SR score. This starts at 50% and goes up and down as you interact in the community. The higher the SR score the more votes you get to cast. The more votes you cast, the chances are in your favor that the review will make the top 10 in the subcategory and bring you in money.

How to Increase your SR Score

Your SR score will slowly go up if you vote for other's reviews.
Making friends.
Commenting several sentences on reviews (even if you don't vote for it)
Write reviews

Decreases in SR Score

Writing short comments
Writing voted in your comments
Having a friend request rejected

How Much Money Can You Make?

I have no idea. I feel certain though that it is more than some of the shared revenue sites. It is a great way to social network and have fun too. I like to cast votes and comment when I'm between writing tasks or relaxing.

I took the time to look at other member's earnings. You can make more money than:

If you cast you votes well, you can make more money than one ptc ad site or even doing several of them.

You can make more money just from voting than what you make doing ratings on Helium. You can make more money from a couple of good reviews and voting than you might make on Helium in adshare revenue.

You can make more money than the average person makes on Google adsense ads coming to their blogs, and even more so for new blogs and newbies to the Google adsense system. You can also make more money than the average person or new blog to Bidvertiser.

You can make more money than the average person makes on the paid to socialize sites.

If you stop and think, when you register you are brand new but if you get friends, up your SR score and vote like crazy, you can make money with SharedReviews. I wouldn't use it as my primary writing venue or social venue. However, it is a nice little residue income for sitting around voting and sending friend invites.

How to Get a Ton of Friends

After you register, click the two people holding hands on some of the reviews you are voting on. The monitor on the same screen being green means that they are showing online. Once you get some friends, click community. Click firends. Go to one of the friends. Click view all friends. With each friend, click send friend invite. It's that simple.

When you click your community board you can find out how many votes you have left. You can see which friends left comments, voted or have new reviews to vote on. It's really cool.

For example, Click Here for my link. You can click the orange people holding hands. That will send me a friend request. You can see if I'm online by the red or green monitor. The envelope is to send me mail there. After I accept the friend, you click community, friends and then view all friends by my name. I have over 200 friends so that will get you started.

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