Sunday, May 18, 2008

YouTube Review of Exploding Volcano Cake

I was browsing around YouTube and just relaxing for the day when I came across this YouTube video by accident. It looks like a lot of family fun. The parents of a young child had built an edible, exploding volcano cake. I can tell you by the size of the thing and the real lava that it must not be easy to make. But the family and friends at the party seemed to have a really good time. I'm sure that everyone was in love with the idea. I thought it was absolutely fascinating to watch. Can you imagine how much science a kid can learn at the birthday party and afterwards when parents talk about volcanoes? What a neat idea!

If you want to see this YouTube video, you can go to this link:

Make sure to turn up your volume. At the end, the birthday kid tells his family that he doesn't want to eat his cake! It was too cute. I had to watch it a couple times to hear all the different things that were being said.

So take a break from your day and check out the video. It is pretty fun to watch and not very long.

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