Sunday, May 18, 2008

MySpace is Turning into a Teen Playground

I have noticed that MySpace is turning into a teen playground. The more and more that I look around on MySpace, the more teens I see than any other group of people. Perhaps, I am looking in the wrong places? I think that it is discouraging that social networking sites are turning all to teens. What happened to talking to your teen friends on the phone? What happened to writing letters by hand?

Teens spend way too much time on MySpace. They have to comment on each other. They have to put up pictures. And look at all the horror stories you read in the news about teens and MySpace. These don't even account for all the other horrible events that happen probably by the minute on MySpace.

I let my teen talk some on MySpace but there is frustration that I am constantly monitoring the page and reviewing the picts and comments. I was absolutely shocked at some of the comments and suggestions that are made by teens on MySpace. I'm not any goody hoot person. I have been exposed to a lot. But the amount of profanity and sexual suggestions and flat out disgusting things that teens are putting up on MySpace really makes me wonder about the future of our country.

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