Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Take Away that Driver's License to the Car

I guess with the price of gas so high and just feeling the crunch from financial demands, I seem to notice the little things more when I am driving. Traffic always seems the worst when I am trying to drive some place in a hurry. Other drivers seem to have no clue as to how to drive. It is a wonder that they got the car turned on in the first place. Some annoying drivers should not be allowed to drive.

Sunday Afternoon Elderly Finger Gesture

So, I'm driving along and the left lane must merge to the right lane. There is no traffic behind me. I follow the speed limit. The elderly man rushes past my car and nearly clips me trying to get over. I had to literally slam on the breaks. Then his lovely female elderly companion shoots me the bird!

Rolling Stick Shifter

I am approaching a light that is on a slight incline. I don't sit on the bumper. We're not going to get through the light faster if I can count your nose hairs in your rear view mirror. But this driver just kept rolling their car back and forth at the light. I wanted to tell them that I got.. they have a stick shift and roll. Good grief!

Stuck Turn Signal

Driving along the highway in my car, there is another car with the left turn signal on. They are in the slow lane. I speed up so that they can go into the fast lane. Nope. No good. They stay. It turns out later that they drove for approximately 10 miles with that left turn signal on and then exited to the right. If you are too stupid to see your turn signal light flashing in your dashboard, do you really need a license?

Fast Lane Slow Birds

There is a reason that they call it the passing lane and fast lane. You are supposed to drive a little above the speed limit. Ok, you might want to even drive more than a little above the speed limit. Come on now! Then you get someone that wants to play follow the leader. They cut you off at above the speed limit movement and then slow down. You try to pass on the right, and they just happen to go right too. It is like having to follow the leader. If you can't figure out which lane you're supposed to drive slow in, why have a license?

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