Thursday, May 22, 2008

Annoying Habits of Restaraunt Patrons

I do not eat out a whole lot and like to enjoy my restaurant experience. However, there are some people that have some very annoying eating habits that you can’t help but notice. Then their annoying eating habits end up virtually ruining the entire restaurant experience. Do people really forget that they are in a public restaurant? Do they not know how annoying they are?

Annoying Habit of Blowing Nose at the Table
Oh my word. I have seen so many nasty people blow their nose at the table. Come on now. If you got snot running out of your nose, you can at least go to the bathroom to blow it. Even more annoying, is the rude person that feels they must use the napkin at the table and then put it back in their lap. I can really lose my appetite when I see this annoying habit. What makes this habit so annoying is that these restaurant patrons are so obnoxiously loud about the entire process.

Annoying Habit of Slurping Drinks
You know there is a reason for a straw and a reason for free drink refills. If you simply put your glass at the edge of the table, the server will notice that you need a refill. It is a very annoying habit for others to have to listen to you slurp your drinks. People that have this annoying habit, really do it so loudly. You can’t but help hear them. I want so badly to go over to their table and dump their ice on their head.

Annoying Habit of Chomping Their Cud
If I can hear you chewing your food two tables away, you can bet that no-one at your table can hear you talk. It is so annoying to not only see someone chewing with their mouth open but to be able to hear them chomping their cud and smacking their lips.

Annoying Habit of Laughing Really Loudly
Oh my word, I can’t count the times that some restaurant patron laughed so loudly that everyone turned their head to see. Worse yet, is the person that not only laughs incredibly loud but has an annoying laughter. It’s the kind that sends chills down your spine like running your finger nails up and down a chalk board. Really these annoying laughter people should never go out in public to eat or at least everyone be kind and keep the conversation extremely serious.

Annoying Habit of Sticking Your Head Under the Sneeze Guard
This probably the most annoying habit that I’ve seen of restaurant patrons. They actually stick their heads under the sneeze guard on salad bars and buffet tables. Don’t you think that guard is there for a reason? I really don’t want you breathing all over my food.

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