Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to Make Garden Buckets with Teens and Kids for a Fun Summer Project

There are many wonderful gardening projects that you can do with teens and kids when warm weather hits. The key to gardening with teens is to make the project fun enough that they will not think that it's stupid. At the same time, you want it easy but not too easy. There is a fine balance. I came across a gardening project called garden buckets that work well with teens and with kids that are school age. The great thing is that this project can be done as a family and does not cost a great deal. With warm weather you can get all of the supplies needed for the garden buckets without spending a fortune. It is fun to do flowers and plants in these little family gardens.

Have Fun with the Buckets

Allow the teen or child to select the bucket that they want to use for the garden buckets project that they will plant their flowers and plants in. Once you have the bucket in tow, you can go to the local craft supply store and select items to decorate the bucket with. Keep it simple and easy depending on the child's crafting skill level.

Garden buckets should be fun and a great way to show off flowers. A teen can decorate with bling, markers, stickers, paint, nail polish or whatever they think of. Younger children can decorate with markers and stickers. You can even surprise spray painting the garden buckets. The key is to have fun with the project and enjoy some family time together.

Putting the Garden Buckets Together

Once your teen or child has decorated their garden bucket, it is time to get the plants, flowers, soil and fertilizer pellets. In the bottom of the bucket drill a few drain holes. Line the bottom of the bucket with leftover Styrofoam peanuts or rocks to keep the flowers and plants drained. Mix a small amount of the time released fertilizer pellets in with the soil. Dig a small hole and plant several plants or flowers in the garden buckets. Water thoroughly.

Did you know that with younger children you can do edible plants such as flowering pansies, cute and pretty nasturiums and adorable little gem marigolds. You can also do cherry tomatoes and other blooming vegetables. This way if the younger child decides to eat the plants, they will not get sick.

Show off the Garden Buckets

Part of the family fun of a garden bucket is getting to show it off to friends and relatives. Kids and teens love to show off their projects and will be proud of their new flowers and plants in the garden buckets. The buckets are so easy to put together, that you might end up with several of them. Your teen or child can take them to friend's houses, get together and to the grandparents to show up what they made and their personal garden.

Great Gift Idea

Garden buckets are so easy to make that they make a great gift idea. Your child and teen get the fun of making the new gardens and can decorate the bucket with the gift recipient in mind. For example, for Father's Day you could decorate the bucket with a theme that fits something your Dad likes to do. Gift recipients will love that your child or teen took the time to make the garden buckets and enjoy taking care of the flowers and plants after they receive it. You can centerpiece the garden bucket with a tomato plant and then put the smaller plants around the bucket. This is a great way to give someone special a tomato garden and flower garden combined.

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