Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pet Owners Relieved When African Grey Parrot Tells Where Home Is

A family pet is very precious and important to pet owners. In fact, many family pets are treated as children or actual members of the family. How many times have you heard someone say that their pet thinks that they are human? African Grey parrots are extremely intelligent and live a long time. The African Grey parrot is an expensive pet bird that many people have the pleasure of having as part of their family. You can teach this parrot simple tricks, to talk, to sing and some can even do simple math problems if you have the patience to work with them. According to Associated Press, a Japanese family lost their African Grey parrot and all the training that they had done really paid off.

In a city near Tokyo, Japan a lovely African Grey parrot named Yosuke flew out of his cage and ended up on the roof. Police were dispatched to rescue Yosuke. According to the report, the African Grey decided to stay mute when he was at the police station. He would not speak or do anything. If you know these birds, it is probably that Yosuke felt nervous around the police and the all of the commotion that is normally in a police station.

The police decided the following day to transport Yosuke to a vet office. Once he relaxed some, Yosuke decided to open up to the vet. According to Associated Press, the African Grey had been taught for the past two years to say his name and recite his address. While at the vet station, the African Grey parrot did just this for the vet. The information that the parrot gave turned out to be correct. His thorough training ended up saving his life and having him rejoin his human family.

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