Thursday, May 8, 2008

Time Watcher

Sometimes there a moments that seem to stand still in clock of time. It is like life is completely frozen and time has no reference and there are no clocks. At other points, it seems as if time is never enough and you find yourself watching your clock. You just need one more hour, one more minute .. just more time on that clock..

Time Watcher

Appointments are today,
Have to allow for traffic,
Allow for filling out forms,
Making me a time watcher.

Clothes in the wash,
Clothes in the dryer,
Will I time it just right?
Making me a time watcher.

Favorite reality show tonight,
Phone call from a friend,
Dishes to clean,
Making me a time watcher.

Is there enough time?
Does time really matter?
Got to get it all done,
Yes.. time watcher.

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