Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Results for eHow

Well, this is the start of new month. I will begin my 3rd month on eHow on the 4th of this month. How are things going?

For May, I started the month with 119 articles. I did alright for the month. Considering that NONE of my articles are aged yet, I feel really good about this.

For June, I will start the month out with 230 articles. Going on May earnings, I project that I will pull in around $150 for the month of June on eHow money. Not too shabby! That is if I write nothing at all for the entire month of June.

If you wonder if eHow works, feel good. It really does. Just follow the tips that I've been posting in my blog here. I'm not charging for an eBook on all of this... even when I make the $1,000 club, I seriously doubt I'll do an eBook. LOL

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