Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quick Secret to Supplement Your eHow Income

I'm not into doing a lot of opinions. Can you tell? Ha, ha. That was a joke if you're new to my blog!

I've spent a lot of time writing articles for eHow. The problem is, most articles don't start to see anything significant in money until they're at least 3 months old. Well, I haven't been there a full 3 months yet. How can a work at home freelance writer pay bills and wait for their library to build and age on eHow?

Also, if you write articles from home for eHow, you'll discover that they pay monthly. This means you have to really plan your family budget and finances to be able to wait for one paycheck. Many of us, myself included, are used to getting money at least bi-weekly for writing adventures and to live. You can't just tell the bill collectors, oh please wait. I'm going to get my eHow deposit soon.

So, what is my big secret to supplement your eHow income? If you are a U.S. writer, go and sign up for an account with Associated Content. Then go to your local grocery store website. Pick out food products that you've tried and cooked before. Pick out cleaning products that you've used. Write a 425 word review about the products. AC will pay you upfront money three days a week after they make the offers.

Initially, you won't get high offers. As your clout builds (through page views) you'll get more offers. Review Stream pays $2 maximum for a product review (electronics and meds-- usually). With AC you should expect to get a minimum of $3. Plus, with review stream the minimum payout is $50.

Figure out how much money you need to pay your upcoming bills that are in the near future. Figure 5 business days for AC to make and offer and 1 business day more to see the money in your paypal account. That will then let you know roughly how many product reviews you need to crank out and submit each day to get the money for a specific bill.

Write an eHow article. Then go write 2 product reviews. That's the secret to faster money to supplement your eHow income while you're new to the eHow community, like myself.

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