Sunday, June 7, 2009

Increase Your Associated Content Upfront Offer Amounts

I've been writing for Associated Content for over 2 years and have 2,200 plus articles up on the website. I've seen the days when AC would offer 10 bucks for a video on practically anything. There would be 8 bucks, 10 bucks, and 12 buck call for content offers. Those days are gone. Many writers complain that AC pays so little now for articles after they went to the page view bonus money.

But look around the Internet. Associated Content has the market on paying upfront for articles. You don't have to struggle with the quality of your writing. You don't even have to worry that much about SEO content of your article. Trust me, it won't affect your upfront money offers for AC.

I've experimented with niche topics, SEO, keyword density, promotion and so forth. AC pretty much as a budget that it gives to each writer for each day.

One thing I did notice was when my page view ratio to the number of articles I have submitted on AC jumped, I got slightly higher offers (about a buck). When that number drops, my offers start going downhill faster. The solution? Submit free recipes, poems and other items. Your regular following will give you a few page views.

Someone once suggested you write 1 page view only (or freebie) article for AC for every 10 articles you write.. ie 10 percent.

My clout has not affected my earnings.

How much I comment hasn't affected my page view bonus money. So far, consistently for about a year, my page view money has monthly been within 10 to 30 bucks of the other months, regardless if I comment or submit 1 article or 500 for the month.

Bottom line.. increase your page view ratio and get higher upfront offers from Associated Content. You can do it the long and tedious way of subscribing, commenting, promoting and back linking or you can submit 10 to 20 percent free articles (page view only) to increase your ratio.

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