Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bukisa Makes Posting Changes

I've talked to several people that post articles on Bukisa. When I first joined the site to make additional passive income money from writing articles at home, articles instantly posted. You would just have to hit the publish button and you were done. This is not the case anymore on Bukisa.

In my opinion, earnings are harmed on Bukisa. It can take anywhere from three to six business days for your article to go live on Bukisa. This means virtually one week that your article is not getting indexed by the search engines and is not earning you money.

Strange thing was I never received an email from Bukisa stating they had changed how they post articles for publication.

Is Bukisa still worth the money? I average around a quarter a day with my articles and another quarter with my team. I have decided I won't be posting new articles to Bukisa. It's simply not worth the money, unless I need a link back to a particular article.

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