Tuesday, June 16, 2009

eHow Earnings Soaring

Yesterday, I logged into eHow to check my earnings. I can now say that 2 months in a row, I am earning over 100 bucks a month in eHow money. This would make me an official member of the 100 bucks a month club on eHow. Yay!

I have 44, 944 page views. I am making roughly .005 cents per page view. Again though, we have to keep in mind that over half of my articles I wrote from home to earn money on eHow are not even two months old. Since I joined in the first week of April, none of my articles have reached the 3 month mark either for indexing by the search engine and developing a fan base.

I had hoped to have 300 articles posted by the end of June. However, I was hired full time to do freelance writing from home. My new editor is rather strict. I've been focusing on learning the ropes and trying to improve my writing for them. I'm not complaining!

At the time of this post, I have 262 articles published on eHow. A big 70 percent of my articles are earning something in revenue. I suspect as some of the April articles get indexed and reach the 3 month age mark, earnings should increase even more.

I hope to reach the 1,000 dollar club by the end of 2009. It would be so nice!

If you are new to eHow or need inspiration, know that it can be done! Just keep plugging along and adding to your eHow library.

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