Wednesday, May 27, 2009

eHow Average Earnings Per Article Update

First, my apologies for not updating my blog on my eHow adventure more often. I've been busy trying to get out eHow articles and get some age on them. In the eHow forum there was a poll for article earnings. At the time of this blog post, I'm right on target of the average eHow writer for making money with eHow articles.

All of my articles combined, I'm averaging 42 cents an article. Keep in mind, I haven't been making money as an eHow member for 2 months yet.

I started out the month with 119 articles. If you do the math, my eHow earnings are 78 cents an article. Now, do the math for earning money on eHow articles. That means if I don't even increase my earning potential, I can project that for the month of June, I should make a minimum of $163.80 with the number of articles I have up today.

This means that I can literally sit back and not write another article and still make money from home for the month of June. I don't think that $163.00 is such a bad average to have for starting the 3rd month of eHow.

Here is the tricky part. eHow hasn't updated my earnings in a few days. I could be making 80 to 90 cents an article from the ones that I started the month out with.

Then if you think about people saying you triple your earnings by the fourth month? That would mean that August, I should expect around $500 a month from eHow without ever writing another word!

Of course, I'm going to still keep writing for eHow though. My goal is to get to where I can potentially earn $2,000 a month on eHow for my residual income.

Please spread the word about my eHow journey to others. Remember, the key to making money on eHow articles is to have up how-to's that people will want to click the ads that are shown on the page.

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