Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ahead of Schedule on eHow Earnings for May

Well, I just did the numbers. For my articles that are one month old, I'm averaging $1.71. For the eHow books on how to make easy money on eHow, they say to figure $3 to $5 an article. For the regular writers on eHow, they say to figure $2 an article you write from home.

If my articles that are one month old are already at an average of $1.71, I can easily expect that by the 3 month range, they'll be $3 each. Simply amazing! It blows my mind.

Now, here is an even more interesting take. The first month of articles, I'm only earning on 48 percent of them. I'm as a whole earning on 30 percent more of my articles than when I started the first month.

Bearing this in mind, I feel confident that if you learn how to SEO, pick out your topics and write daily... it is definitely possible to make $1,000 plus on eHow as a monthly residual income.

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