Friday, May 29, 2009

Making Ad Money Without Google Account

I was the misfortunate end of a click fraud person when I ran an article directory. One of the people that I thought was an online friend, got very upset with me about some things. They ended up getting people together and clicking my Google ads repeatedly. As a result my Google account was banned.

You can make money without Google ads through Clickbank affiliate links. You can also use other places that are similar to Google. For example, I use Bidvertiser here on my blog and I get paid a few cents when someone clicks an ad.

Another way you can make ad money is to sign up with lots of different companies that are similiar to Google and Bidvertiser. I haven't had the time to sign up for them all yet but it is a goal of mine once I'm at my eHow goal.

The key is to be determined and consistent. It will help y ou make money with ads even without a Google account.

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