Friday, May 29, 2009

May Bukisa Earnings

This month, I have earned just less than $10 for the entire month on Bukisa. With such a high pv rate, I was hoping it would be more. I have 152 published articles on Bukisa and 10 people in my network. I haven't published as many articles on Bukisa this month as other places.

Is Bukisa worth the money? I think that if you have rejects (like I get from writing for AC) that Bukisa can be at least some money coming in. It's really varied on how much time you want to put into it and all that.

I think the trick on Bukisa is to have a lot of people sign up under you. Then you can increase your monthly earnings. You can spend more time writing articles from home for other sites instead of hoping to get rich from Bukisa.

Another trick on writing articles for money on Bukisa is to know which topics do the best. A friend of mine does much better than I do with up to date relationship issue articles. Another friend does terrific with game walk throughs. Maybe I just haven't found the right niche yet on Bukisa to make it more profitable.

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