Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doubled My Earnings in One Day

Ok, as you can see if you've been following my eHow's earning adventure, I get excited easily. Yes, I admit it! I'm even becoming an eHow addict. I sign into eHow to discover that my dollar had turned into $2.23 the very next day! I had literally doubled my money on eHow. I was so incredibly psyched and happy.

The biggest difference in my eHow writing was I was following the tips I'd learned about how to write for eHow and make money for a passive income.

[1] Have links going back to your eHow articles at other sites.. but quality links. So, I had gone back and added links on MySpace, Yahoo Answers, Facebook, Bukisa, Associated Content and Twitter.

[2]Check your article with the Google tool to see what keywords it picks up. I had to edit several of my articles after doing this. I was surprised at what keywords were being picked up.

So, it's possible to make money on eHow. But would I ever reach the $10 payout? After all, I don't want to wait three months or even two months to get my 10 bucks of money from my eHow articles. I would have to wait and find out.

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