Thursday, April 16, 2009

eHow Third Day Earnings, I Made eHow Money

Much to my surprise and delight, on my third day of logging into my eHow account to submit more articles, I had actually earned money! I was in shock. I was in happy shock. I had heard that to see any earnings on eHow, you needed your articles to be at least a month old.

I posted my eHow articles on my Facebook page and put a link in my signature on my email. I am guessing those inbound links were how people found my first articles on eHow to be able to get any money at all.

How much was my first earnings? It was for eight cents! I know that's not much at all. I wasn't expecting anything so it was a milestone to see my first eHow earnings. My second day of freelance writing for eHow, I only wrote 3 more articles.

What really came as a surprised to me was the article that earned my first eHow earnings money was from that batch on the second day! I thought for sure my article on the AVI files would make the first money for me on eHow.

The first eHow earnings came from this article: How to Select Perfect Hairstyle to Match Face Shape

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