Thursday, April 16, 2009

eHow Break and Research

While I was excited about eHow and writing articles, I took a short break and didn't submit anything for a couple of days. I wanted to see how my earnings would do. I also wanted to learn more.

I ended up finding a few really good resources for writing on eHow, using SEO and using inbound links for my eHow articles. I spent my couple days break reading up on that information and freelance writing for my other writing ventures. I wasn't so thrilled to be doing the other freelance writing. My eight cents of money on my eHow account was teasing and taunting me of the potential I might make on eHow.

Now, that my earnings are still rising on eHow, I know I can make money at this. I feel very confident. My dream is to give up all my other freelance writing work at home jobs and focus on eHow completely. But, I must wait since the bill collectors won't take too kindly to me not having any money upfront to pay them.

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