Saturday, April 18, 2009

eHow Earnings -- Doing PC Series

I'm trying something new out this week to see what happens. I've been writing a bunch of eHow articles on how to do different things on the computer. I think that this will be helpful. I'm not doing things that you'd only have to be a computer whiz to do. In fact, a computer whiz will know how to do the eHow articles I wrote this week.

My goal of the eHow computer articles was to provide readers with basic computer information. It's for the average person, like myself, that wants to know more than just how to log onto the Internet with their computers.

Here are the articles that I wrote about computers. Feel free to check them out:

How to Set up Windows XP for Multiple Users

How to Fix PC Desktop Icons

How to Use a Magnifier in Windows XP

How to Move a PC Taskbar

How to Find Out Which Graphics Card You Have in Windows

How to Use Auto Refresh in Opera Web Browser

How to Use Adblock in Mozilla Firefox

How to Find a Keylogger Spyware Hidden on Your Computer

On a side note, I've gone from several cents a day earnings on eHow to 36 a day as of today's date. I have posted 75 articles. The ones posted today though haven't yet been indexed by Google to start earning me any eHow money.

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