Thursday, April 23, 2009

eHow Earnings -- My First 2 Dollar Day

As you may recall from my eHow journey, I have written 100 articles for eHow at the moment and been there less than a month. Today, when I signed into eHow to check my earnings, I was up to my first 2 dollar day! I had jumped from $10.48 to $12.62 for my eHow earnings. This means that I will definitely get paid in May for my eHow work. That puts me at 68 cents a day in the 3 week range from the few cents a day I initially started at.

My findings are that the older articles that I originally posted are indeed earning more than my newer articles. Even though I have up 100 eHow articles, the ones from the 20th (3 days ago) haven't earned a dime. Most of the eHow articles are taking a MINIMUM of five days to see any pennies at all.

Another interesting finding look at my eHow article statistics is that 27 percent are the only ones earning any money at all. I was hoping that around 50 percent would be earning. However, there are ones on there that are less than the minimum five days that you start to see any pennies.

Only 3 percent have articles that are generating more than 1 buck each. That really surprised me. Again though, I'm thinking about the 30 to 60 day mark. Now, if the 27 percent were making at least a buck a month, that would only put me at 27 for the first 30 days and some change. I'm hoping the statistics for what I wrote get better.

Well enough with numbers. I'm going to experiment and not post again on eHow until Monday to see what type of stats I get. That will be the 5th day of age for the last batch that got me to my 100th article.


Mary Avent said...

I find that my older articles have finally kicked in and started to earn me some in the past few months. I haven't paid ehow the attention that it deserves and think that I should get in gear with it and start writing some more for it. I also currently submit articles to assoicated content. I have made some with them.

JP said...

I use Associated Content too. I hope that as my account gets older that the eHow ones will do better. :-)