Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 24 Hot Dog Article on eHow Earns $3 in 8 days

I was pleased to sign into eHow today. I have and additional $2.21 in my eHow money to be paid out next month. This is two days in a row that I have consistently made more than two buck with my work from home articles on eHow.

I am so pleased that my work from home writing is really paying off on eHow. My first article so far has made 3 bucks! Yes, I'm easily excited. I never would've guessed there would be so much interest in hot dog carts.

My article, How to Get a Hot Dog Cart without Spending a Fortune has at the last update has earned $3.24.

My keywords for this article were:

[1]hot dog carts
[2]hot dog cart
[3]hot dog stand

The Google ads on the Hot Dog Cart article are several for hot dog stands or hot dog carts. There are also ads to be a vendor. One of the options for a hot dog cart is the option to open a franchise. Perhaps, that step of the hot dog cart article is what triggered the vendor ad.

There is only one comment and 2 ratings on the hot dog cart article. This tells me that the number of comments and star ratings aren't really going to affect how much money you make off of a particular article you write from home to put on eHow to earn a passive income.

The hot dog cart article had been posted for 8 days when the earnings were updated that I had made over $3 on it. That is excellent. That isn't even half a month yet. Now, if I could figure out what I did with the hot dog cart article to make it so different from the others.


There is a picture for the introduction. However, there are no pictures for the rest of the article. I'm not sure what the key is to the success of this article on eHow. But hey! I'm not complaining. I do like that I had an article earn $3 already. That will help to make up for the other ones I wrote from home that didn't have any eHow money and earnings yet.

Today, I visited the local flea market. I told my husband about the hot dog cart article. Then I speculated if the people that had one got a used one, rented or were part of a franchise.

It's interesting how when you go about places in your offline life that you can think of article topics for working from home. Then the articles that you do write, will pop into your head when you're going about your daily life.

I'm still very convinced that eHow can make money from home. A passive income while I'm sleeping, spending time with the family or outside gardening. Just look at how well in 8 days the hot dog article did in earnings on eHow.

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