Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 23 My Highest Earning Day

Today was my highest earning day on eHow. I had an additional $2.15 added to my eHow money. I'm very excited about this! In less than 30 days with 100 articles, I should be able to expect at least 60 bucks a month from eHow, if I don't add anymore articles or do anything else. Of course, I'm addicted to eHow and will keep on writing after the weekend is over.

The eHow site didn't update page views. My youngest articles making money are from the 21st and the 22nd. That fits again with the 4 to 5 day age for articles to start generating some type of earnings.

There are still articles not making money though. Hmmm.

I've had an increase though in articles making money as a whole though. I've gone up 10 percent to 36 percent of the articles I've published to making money.

Are the articles I posted on my profile page making money? Yes, those articles are all part of the 36 percent that I'm making money from this work at home adventure.

The next question is the reports that articles with age make the most money correct? Again, my stats have proved this to be true. My very first article I wrote when deciding to venture into this work from home project has gained me $1.84. It's very close to the $2.00 mark.

So far, the following things are holding true:

[1] Articles in my profile are making money and being viewed
[2] Articles in my featured articles are being viewed (great place to put articles that aren't getting visitors!)
[3]Not commenting on others work very much, hasn't decreased earnings
[4]Others rating 1 star hasn't decreased earnings
[5]Articles with the best ad matches are making higher earnings
[6]Articles promoted on Twitter are getting more views than the ones posted on Facebook

I shall take a short break from my posting about my journey. I will come back around day 25.

If you're finding my eHow work from home adventure interesting, please send a link to my blog to your friends. Word of mouth is the best way to get known.


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