Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Kill Page View Money with Comment Groups

This article on page view money and comment groups for keyword density for freelance work from home jobs is published for page view money only. Do the author a favor and send the link to your friends and family members that freelance work from home. Also, don’t forget to visit the resource link to learn more about how to increase your SEO and keyword density when you are lucky to receive a bunch of comments. You can also see some of my other eHow articles at the bottom of this post as well.

Making page view money requires you have an online account. You can work from home for money. You submit content that will be viewed by your friends, family members and others that are giving you return comments. This is a great way to make money from home. Or is it? Can you really make a decent amount of money in page view money by comments? After quite a bit of research, I learned something very important that others in the freelance work from home world might not share with you. What is this big secret that others don’t want you to know?

Search Engine Spiders Crawl Your Comments for Keyword Density

The comments of your online freelance articles that make you money are indexed as part of your page by the search engines. This means that when the search engine spiders are crawling away over the words on your article, guess what? They’re also crawling over all those cute little comments we make to one another. So if my article is on money and freelance writing but I have a bunch of comments saying good job – you guessed it! My keyword density is going to change. My keywords might even change!

Comments Can Change Keyword Density and Page View Money

For example, let’s say I wrote a really hilarious take on how to work from home. My keyword was work, work from home and money. However, the way I presented it was just too funny. Then I have worked hard and gotten lots of fans to leave me comments. After all, this is the way I’ll know they dropped by to help me earn page view money. They all put a smiley face or write comments such as funny, hilarious, cute and so forth. You guessed it! My keywords now are no longer related to making money and work from home. They’ve changed to humor. The spiders of the search engines have no idea that I was writing about work from home jobs and freelance work. They think I was writing about fun and humor.

Do All Those Visitors Help Your Page View Money?

That is a question about page view money and work from home passive income I’ve been asking myself over and over. If you get paid 2 bucks for 1,000 page views (assuming you’re clout 10) how long will it take you to write out 1,000 comments? Furthermore, you only earn two bucks for that amount of time. Are you really working from home to make page view money wisely?

If you can get articles that are SEO and have the right keyword combinations, your goal will be to have the primary visitors come from the search engines. This is true for blog writing, adsense money, affiliate money and other money from your freelance work from home work. If you’re going to make a career of writing, the masses need to view your work. Can you truly generate the masses with comment groups?

Is there a solution to fixing your page view money while receiving fun and cool comments?

Absolutely! I added in the resources a great how to article that you can visit for the answer to this question.

I Vow to Try and Do Better

Now, that I know this and I love to comment, I vow to try and do better. I will try to use the keyword from your title in my comment to help keep your keyword density good for you to make even larger amounts of page view money from freelance writing work at home jobs.

How to Increase SEO with Comments

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