Sunday, June 8, 2008

Top Reasons to Hate MySpace

As many of you know, MySpace is a social network site that millions of people view daily. There are teens, older people and possibly even aliens that have pages on MySpace. It is literally one of the largest social network sites on the Internet. So much so, that other people have built clones and renamed them with fancy names to try and gather the same type of attention and web traffic.

Top Reasons to Hate MySpace: Teen Ground

MySpace is filled with way too many teens. There are teen pictures, teen feuds, teen puppy love and more. Ewwww!

Top Reasons to Hate MySpace: Aliens are Hidden

You know that with all that stuff sitting there in cyber space that the aliens somewhere have to be picking it up. And with humans having so much fun on MySpace, then you know the logical conclusion! Aliens are on MySpace are obviously hiding and cloaking themselves as humans.

Top Reasons to Hate MySpace: Don’t Pay You

There are sites similar to MySpace that pay you to put up your profile page, read and answer your social email and even to do actions to each other. MySpace doesn’t pay you a dime! Shame on them for letting you have fun without payment.

Top Reasons to Hate MySpace: Too Many Options

Have you looked at all the options on MySpace? There are so many different ways you can customize it and make your little MySpace page that people are even writing tutorials on them! If you got to read a tutorial or instruction book, I don’t want to be a part of it. It’s no fun reading directions! Just ask my husband.

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