Sunday, June 8, 2008

Top Things Not To Do In Tornadoes

With this crazy weather, there have been lots of tornadoes in many parts of the world. It is important to consider your safety in tornadoes. This piece is written with humor and is not at all recommended that you actually follow these suggestions when tornadoes are around. Having said that; I hope that you enjoy this humor piece and feel free to add your own suggestions as well in the comment section.

My heartfelt prayers go out to people that have been in tornadoes or suffered from the damage of tornadoes. I hope that this humor piece does not offend anyone since tornadoes are a serious threat and very dangerous.

Top Things Not To Do In Tornadoes: Finish Making Your Drinks or Guzzle a Six Pack

When tornadoes are around, you really won’t have time to go to the bathroom. Don’t finish making your drinks or guzzle down the last six pack in the refrigerator.

Top Things Not To Do In Tornadoes: Wait to Put Clothes in the Dryer

Ok, you know that when tornadoes are around there is going to be a lot of dirt, grime and general filth. Wait until after the tornadoes pass to put your last load of clothes on the rinse cycle and then toss in the dryer. If you stand there waiting on the rinse cycle with tornadoes around you really are just wasting your time.

Top Things Not To Do In Tornadoes: Walk the Dog

One of the worst places for you or your dog during tornadoes is out in the open. If there are tornadoes in the area, it probably won’t matter much if your dog goes potty in the house. Besides, one of the safest places in many homes is the bathroom. You and your family pooch can both be in the bathroom and if he accidently goes it is a breeze to quickly clean up.

Top Things Not To Do In Tornadoes: Get on MySpace and Message All Your MySpace Friends

When the tornadoes are out of the area, then you can get on MySpace and tell all your MySpace friends how you survived a tornado. Most likely, your computer is near a window or in a very open room. Windows are very dangerous during tornadoes because of all the glass. Just text message your MySpace friends regular emails from your cell phone while you sit safely in a closet or bathroom in your home.

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