Tuesday, June 16, 2009

$1,000 Club on eHow

I've had people message me to ask what is the magical number of articles to be a member of the eHow $1,000 club. Trust me; lots of us are wanting to join that club! Can you imagine earning that much money in residual income per month? Just picture $1,000 being deposited into your Paypal account on a monthly basis around the second week of the month. You didn't have to write a single word or promote a single article.

Is this just a daydream?

No, it's not just a daydream! You can have your cake and eat it to when you write articles from home to earn money on eHow.

The question by many readers is now, what is the magic formula? Why am I making 100 bucks a month without being on eHow six, seven months or even a year? How in the world did I hit payout in less than a month?

First, the eHow guides and books helped me to remember one thing I already knew as a writer. Use keywords in your eHow articles. My articles that have low keywords aren't earning a penny or are earning very little. They're essentially wasted. Yes, they get traffic but no-one is clicking the ads to earn me eHow money.

Second, stop wasting value writing time trying to use the keyword ad tool and the Google adword tools. These are helpful ONLY if you can't think of variations of your keyword. For example, an ad that pays $8 a click might be too competitive. Everyone and their brother has up an article with the same $8 keyword. You MIGHT get lucky and have an article that is competitive and catches readers in the great wide world of Internet and technology.

Third, write from your heart. Don't write extremely short articles. Don't write articles that are 20 pages long either. Reach a happy medium. When you get time, add pictures to your articles.

Fourth, add your article list link. When you go to your eHow profile or dashboard click articles. Up at the top, you'll see your article listing link. Don't link to your profile. Link to the articles. After all, you're hoping readers will read your articles and click the ads to get you more eHow money.

Fifth, add to your eHow library. Write, write and write some more. Even if you're not sure an article is going to earn you money. Try to write at least one eHow article each week. The magic number isn't 333 articles, 500 articles or 1,000 articles. The key is to write something each week. You will build a following of other readers that want to see what you have up that is new each week, even if it is only one article you wrote from home to earn eHow money.

Sixth, comment on other people's articles. Some eHow writers will tell you this is a waste of time. Others will swear by it. I did an experiment. I did not comment on articles for a bit. My daily eHow earnings were less. A friend of mine has added no articles. Without comments, her daily earnings stagnated. With comments, she earned a little bit more. (In another blog post coming up in the future, I'll explain WHY it helps you earn more on eHow writing comments).

Seventh, go back to your older articles. Add your article link in the reference section. See other articles by this author and put your article link. This will increase readers going to your articles and increase the chances you will make eHow money from the ads people click from your articles.

Bottom line, add to your eHow library, write what you know and comment. Most importantly, link back to your other eHow work. The goal is to keep readers on the eHow site and to keep them reading through your eHow article library.


Julia W said...

I'd be interested in the answer to number six, I only comment on the odd article that I've really enjoyed, I like to read your take on it :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to join this club. I'm working on it! Thanks for the great trips, much appreciated.