Monday, June 2, 2008

Are You Ever Going to Learn? Get Your Relationship With Your Wife Back on Track?

You and your Wife have been at odds over some relationship issues for far too long. During this unsettling time for the both of you, you were unfaithful to her and maybe she has been unfaithful to you too. There are certain aspects in her behavior towards you that you need her to change and you have been able to communicate that need to her, to the point of her wanting another chance to try and change her
behavior towards you.

You have agreed not to cheat on her as long as you perceive she is trying to improve
her behavior towards you. And she has agreed to be faithful to you also. You have been married for many years and although physically you have not abandoned her, maybe emotionally you may have.

The both of you have a long haul ahead of you but, if you are both committed to the relationship and you have both agreed to work on your differences, that’s a positive point on which to start.

The next step is, she needs to change in her behavior towards you. You also have to take a part in this issue by supporting your Wife while she tries to initiate changes in her behavior towards you. If her efforts to change are not supported by you, she will have no encouragement to change for you – you need to realize that.

Time has passed and you are happier with how your wife treats you except for her lack of sexual libido. If you can acknowledge that she has made noticeable changes in her behavior for you, you may have to accept the lack of intimacy in your relationship. Please understand where your wife is coming from and honor her and your relationship by not making an issue of “your” sexual needs of her.

And, don’t even think of cheating on her again, if she has forgiven you your past transgressions. Both of you need time to heal and move forwards with your intimate relationship when the time is right for the both of you.

Be patient and nurture your relationship with your Wife – don’t throw it away by being unfaithful after you can acknowledge the fact she is trying so hard to make things right between the two of you.

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