Saturday, July 12, 2008

Foot Blood Bat: Crocs Shoes Can Cause Permanent Injury on Escalators to Children

Winston-Salem, North Carolina is an average mid-sized southern town. The most popular place to shop is Hanes Mall for kids, teens, parents and others. A local resident of Lexington, North Carolina was with his Mom shopping at Hanes Mall on July 11th. The nine-year old boy had his Crocs sandals catch in the escalator at the mall and barely was able to jerk his foot out.

According to MSNBC local news, the mother, Becky Simmons initially thought that her nine-year old son was simply playing around on the escalator. The boy’s Crocs caught in the escalator and were burned and torn before the nine-year old boy was able to jerk his foot free.

Also according to MSNBC local news, this is not the first incident of the Crocs causing injury on escalators. The rubber shoes catch on the side and heat up. There have been amputations and other serious injuries reported because of the popular shoes catching in the gaps on escalators.

The popular mall is now considering placing signs of warning about rubber shoes at the escalators. Crocs has stated that they have placed a warning tag on their new shoes. “The Consumer Product Safety Commission said nearly 10,000 Americans are treated each year after accidents on escalators. About 2,000 of those injuries involve shoes, feet or hands becoming trapped in the moving stairs.” (Resource: MSNBC News:

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