Friday, July 11, 2008

Child Slavery is Legal In United States: Right to Beat, Emotionally Abuse and Brain Wash Children in the US

Parents have the right to beat; emotionally abuse and brain wash children in the US. If you have a tender heart this is not the article you want to read. Not many people like to hear the hard ugly facts about child slavery in the United States today. Yet, child slavery is happening in virtually every neighborhood, regardless of race, economic status or educational background.

Child Slavery: Emotional Abuse

There are some homes that children are screamed at and told all sorts of things on a daily basis. These children truly believe that the emotional abuse they endure is not abuse at all. The yelling is because they misbehaved and deserved it. They have such low self-esteem that it is frightening.

But can you have someone intervene? For older children that have endured years of emotional abuse and been emotional slaves to parents, the answer is no. If an older child states that they will not talk in a therapy session (court ordered or not) there is nothing that a therapist can do to help the child.

In the rare instance that someone intervenes to help the emotionally abused child, the child is still in the presence of the abuser daily. The child slave owner doesn’t want a healthy child. They want a slave that is going to listen to every command and order. The slave owner parent will continue to emotionally abuse the child. Some will even threaten older children that if they speak out in therapy sessions, they will be severely punished.

Who is the child to believe? It is only natural that they are going to believe the lies and threats of the child slave owner. After all, no-one has been able to stop these monsters earlier in the child’s life. The child or teen then listens to the child slave owner, who is their parent, and refuses to allow the therapy to work for them.

Yet, in the United States it is perfectly legal for you to call your child or teen any name that you want. You can threaten them with anything that you want. Why not? After all, children are not people. They are simply property in the United States.

How many people hear children being screamed at across the street or next door? How many people will see an enraged Mom or Dad cuss their child in public? We glare. We frown. Yet, many of us do not step in to help these kids. The ones that do step in find that the system in the United States permits this type of emotional abuse and accepts it.

If a child communicates that they are being threatened and emotionally traumatized, it still does not matter. Child Protective Services is so over-burdened with “real” cases that they cannot intervene in emotional abuse from a child slave owner. These children are suffering in silence.
Some children make it to a therapist. They exhibit all the signs of an emotionally abused child. Yet, their slave owners are slick and careful and know the laws. As long as they are not leaving physical marks and are not sexually abusing the children and teens, guess what? The child slave owner parents can get away with whatever they want emotionally abusive in the United States.

Child Slavery: Unlimited Nannies

The United States outlawed unlimited child labor and even put in child labor laws. These of course are only for the business groups. As a parent, you can work your child a great deal in virtually any type of work without paying them or even thanking them.
There is a teen that gets up in the middle of the night to answer the cry on the baby monitor and change a baby diaper. There is a small elementary child helping a younger sibling with a bottle. All of these types of helping the parents out are in the name of just older siblings helping younger ones. After all it teaches responsibility.

Yet, I beg to differ. Irresponsible parents know that they can have all the children that they want because the other kids will bear the burden of physical and emotional care. Parents don’t even have to have the money to afford kids because the government will step in with WIC and Medicaid, free lunches, utility assistance and so forth. A woman with too many kids can just have the government pay for more kids. The kids can then be used to take care of one another.
Siblings are becoming the unlimited nannies. It doesn’t matter that there sleep routines are interrupted. It doesn’t matter that they are deprived social time with peers. It doesn’t even matter that they don’t have time to complete their homework and are falling asleep on buses and at their school desks.

Child Slavery: Brain Washed Child Slaves

Brain washed child slaves are the hardest to help in the United States. First, the child slave owners teach these children to lie about the events going on in their homes. At a very early age, they are taught to keep secrets and not tell the rest of the world what is happening. They exhibit all the signs of an abused child but there is no way to prove the brain washing and torture are happening in the home. When questioned, the child slaves will lie repeatedly to protect their child slave owners.

Intervention is almost impossible. The children believe that this type of behavior and chaos in life is perfectly normal. When challenged, it really bothers them. If they get to the point that they realize that it is not acceptable, they are torn with bonds that they have for their child slave owners. It takes years of deprogramming someone that has been so thoroughly brainwashed from the cradle.

Child Slavery: Unlimited Yard Labor

One of the laws is that children cannot operate certain types of machinery in the paid labor force. This was to reduce the number of child injuries in work related accidents. Yet, today parents can legally have child slavery with young children and teens operating yard equipment that is dangerous. How many times have you driven through neighborhoods and seen young children behind push mowers, weed edgers and even riding lawn mowers? I’ve even seen kids spraying chemicals and pesticides on yards to keep them healthy and green!

Some will say that this is not dangerous. Children learn responsibility by raking the yard, using leaf blowers and so forth. The truth of the matter is that parents can get out of their responsibility of doing the yard work by having child slaves. They don’t have to pay them or even thank them for this type of work.

Child Slaves: Beating is Allowed

In the United States if you do not put your child into a doctor’s office or emergency room, the majority of the time there is not going to be intervention. A slap across the face or a spanking with whatever object is handy is permissible in the United States.

You can beat the crap out of your child and if no-one sees the marks, you are home free. Of course the child slave owners tell these children no-one will believe them. If they tell, they will get even worse. A lot of the time they do get worse if they speak out. They learn at an early age that the physical abuse is part of life and to survive secrets and lies are to be told to the rest of the world.

The attitude that parents can do anything they want to their child as far as corporal punishment is accepted by our society. Also, you can jerk a child away from a display case in a store and the majority of times, no-one is going to intervene and tell you to calm down or be more gentle with your child. A toddler can be slapped on the rear and knocked off his feet, while people stand by and glare.

Is it alright to slap a kid across the face? Is it alright to take a spanking board to them? Can you whip and threaten a teen? You will be surprised at how many teens are given corporal punishment, slapped, jerked around, pushed and shoved on regular basis. Yet, our society allows this.

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