Monday, February 23, 2009

Guide for an Alcohol Free Saint Patrick’s Day Party

Having an Alcohol Free St Patrick Day Party is not as hard as it sounds. Despite the fact that alcohol is a large part of Irish culture, it is still possible to celebrate the day without including beer or liquor. The key is to make sure that your guests know there will not be alcohol at the party to insure that no one brings any. Also you need to have plenty of alcohol free actives available to keep your guest entertained.

Entertainment without Alcohol for Saint Patrick’s Day Party

Hire a Irish music or dance group to show off the Traditional moves and music of Ireland or get someone who know some simple Irish dance steps to teach to your guess. You could even play a DVD of an Irish performance on a large plasma screen or projector. Before you get started present some background and history to your guests to get them involved. Make sure that there is Irish Folk music involved to get your guests in the mood.

Food and Drink for Saint Patrick’s Day Party

Serve Traditional foods, shamrock cookies or other snacks that are dyed green. The budget of the party and the time you want to spend is an obvious factor in what you decide to serve. It's a lot cheaper to provided drinks for your guests when making the party alcohol free. Green punch mixed with a few bottles of ginger ale for added flavor and fizz is a inexpensive and festive alternative beverage choice.

Games for Saint Patrick’s Day Party

St. Patrick Day inspired games are a fun way to keep the party going. If you want to play more traditional Irish games try out one or two from the following; Rings, Darts, Croquet, or Quoits. You can find Ringboards, Dartboards, Croquet sets, and rings and pegs for Quoits on the Internet. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can even find information about the games and make the components yourself.

Another option is to make simple games that are familiar and give them St. Patrick’s Day Themes. For example, you can design a bingo board with leprechauns, shamrock, rainbows and other images associated with St. Patrick day. You could also go for a leprechaun gold treasure hunt. Of course the later options are more geared toward parties for families or children, but if you make it more challenging it can be appropriate for those that are just young at heart.

Party Favors for Saint Patrick’s Day Party

What better way can you send off your guests than to give them something to make the festivities last a little longer. Your party gift can be anything that you can get lots of and in some way echo the St Patrick Day festivities. A bag of chocolate gold coins would be an appropriate and simple choice. Make your St. Patrick Day party an event to remember, instead of one that get drown in booze.

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