Monday, July 14, 2008

Sweet Pink Grilled Honey Pineapple Recipe to Enjoy on the Summer Grill

Pineapple is a great fruit to enjoy year round. You will find that pineapple is very versatile and you can do many different things with pineapple. One of the things that I enjoy with pineapple is to grill it during the summer. It is a great dessert to grill for the family grill times. It is a lot of fun to grill pineapple and very little work to it at all.

Here is a pineapple grill recipe that is easy to make.

Sweet Pink Grilled Honey Pineapple Ingredients

12 cut slices of fresh bought pineapple

3 heaping tablespoons of fresh honey

3 heaping tablespoons of cherry brandy

2 regular teaspoon of lemon juice

4 tablespoons of fresh cherries sliced in half

4 slices of Angel Food Cake

Sweet Pink Grilled Honey Pineapple Marinade

Combine honey, lemon juice and cherry brandy together in a glass mixing bowl. Place the fresh cut pineapple slices in the marinade mixture. Marinate one to three hours prior to grilling.

Sweet Pink Grilled Honey Pineapple Grilling

Lightly oil the grill. Heat the summer grill to a medium heat. Place marinated pineapple slices over the grill. Grill the first side until caramelized. Turn. Cover with sliced cherries and grill the remaining side until caramelized.

Serving Sweet Pink Grilled Honey Pineapple Dessert

Place the sweet pink grilled honey pineapple that you grilled over a slice of angel food cake and serve warm for a nice grill dessert during the summer fun.

Serves 4

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