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Secret Game Tips for Playing Magic 21 at Gamesville: Earn More GVs Daily in Less Game Play Time

First, let me start out that I am not affiliated with or sponsoring Gamesville. I make nothing off of sharing these secret game tips with you. While I was learning to play Magic 21 at Gamesville, I found it very hard to get any of the seasoned players to tell me any good tips on making the most gvs and getting high game scores. After playing the game for a bit, I decided to put together a list of secret game tips. The more points that you score and the more columns you complete, the faster you can earn Gamesville gvs.

Magic 21 is a popular game on Gamesville that many people play. You can chat with other players in Magic 21. You can even sign up for Magic 21 tournaments. The tournaments list the score by the gvs that you won in that round of Magic 21 instead of the actual score that you got. However, if you can do the combinations of Magic 21, you might find that your gvs will be higher and you can win some cool Magic 21 tournaments.

Magic 21 Game Tips: Lucky Sevens

Lucky sevens is when you get a column in Magic 21 that are three sevens. Seven times three is 21. You can get some really good Magic 21 game points with a column of lucky sevens. When you have a seven at the top of a column, make sure to leave it open. Do not place any cards but seven in that column for your Magic 21 game. Do this for your Magic 21 game for up to two columns of seven. After that, you can use the sevens.

Magic 21 Game Tips: Eleven Columns

In the Magic 21 game, you need to have your columns add to 21 to clear them. One way to quickly get 21 is to have your columns set to add up to eleven. Eleven columns in Magic 21 game can then have a face card or Ace placed on them to quickly get 21 points and more gvs.

Use the following combinations to get 11 columns in the Magic 21 game:

9, 2 cards

6,5 cards

8,3 cards

2,3,6 cards

4,7 cards (but keep your lucky 7 columns open)

Ace cards

Magic 21 Game Tips: Larger Combination Columns

In the Magic 21 game, you might find that you are getting a streak of 10 cards. You can place these on smaller cards to increase your chances of getting 21 in just three cards.

For example: 10 and 6 you just need a 5 or 2 and 3 cards to get 21

10 and 8 you just need a three card to get 21

Magic 21 Game Tips: One-Eye Jacks

The one-eyed jacks in the Magic 21 game are the jacks that have their heads turned. These need to be the first card in your Magic 21 game column. You can place a 10 or an Ace on them to get bonus points in the Magic 21 game and collect even more gvs. Save those one-eye jacked columns to make this combination in the Magic 21 game.

Magic 21 Game Tips: Suicide Kings

Suicide kings in Magic 21 game are wonderful point makers and gvs. A suicide king in the Magic 21 game is the King of Hearts. You need an Ace and King of Hearts Combination to get a suicide king bonus points for the Magic 21 game. Save those Ace Columns and King of Heart columns to make this combination.

Magic 21 Game Tips: Use Ace Cards Wisely

An Ace Card in the Magic 21 game counts for one point or eleven points depending on which column that you use it on. Remember that you need the Ace card for the suicide kings and one-eye jack combinations for extra Magic 21 game bonus points. Use the Ace only when you absolutely have to or with the combinations that give you the Magic 21 game bonus points.

Magic 21 Game Tips: 5 Card 21

The 5 card 21 combination in the Magic 21 game gives you lots of points as well. If you can get your column to equal exactly 21 points in the Magic 21 game without going over in five cards you can collect some really big bonus points and gvs.

Magic 21 Game Tips: Streaks

A streak is when you are able to clear columns in a row. For example, if you clear one column, next card another column then you will have a streak of 2. The higher the streak, the more bonus points you can collect in Magic 21 game. If you are on a streak in the Magic 21 game, use your Ace cards to continue the streak even if it is not a suicide king, one-eyed jack combination for even more Magic 21 game bonus points.

Magic 21 Game Tips: Lower Number of Rooms

All the rooms combined for each of the games on Gamesville are calculated for the high score. This means that if you go to a room that has virtually no-one in it, you can still collect Magic 21 game gvs and be in the top five. I’ve noticed in my game play at Gamesville, that the rooms with fewer people tend to give more gvs per column cleared in Magic 21 game.

Magic 21 Game Tips: Top 5 Winner

If you can be a top 5 winner in the Magic 21 game, you can really collect some bonus gvs. They give you additional gvs for being in the top 5 over the gvs that you collected while playing Magic 21 game.

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