Friday, July 11, 2008

Little Child Poem

Little child is a poem that is written in free verse poem style. There is a rhyme in the poem though. However, there is no meter for each stanza of the poem. I hope that those that read this poem will enjoy it.

Little Child
Little child of the night,
So powerful,
Yet full of fright.
Little child of the wind,
So mighty and strong,
Fitting in to blend.
Little child of the day,
Your voice silent,
But.. you do have a say.
Little child of the star,
Looking to heaven,
Knowing I’m not far.
Little child of the moon,
Sharing time with friends,
Talking midnight til noon.
Little child of the water,
Whispering secrets to the sea,
Nothing left to barter.
Little child of God,
He hears your prayers,
You are loved by me and by God.

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