Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Easy DIY Home Improvement Party Tips Throw a DIY Party to Get Help with Big Home Improvement Projects

Are there repairs to your home that you are putting off because the task is just too big? Think about it for a moment. Perhaps, you need a new paint job on your home? One of the best ways to get motivated is through a DIY home improvement party. You can have the help of friends and family help you with these big projects. Here are some easy DIY home improvement party tips to get you started.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Party Tips: Select the Project

Think about the type of home improvement project that you would like to do that requires the help of others. You can paint the exterior of your home. You could put up a storage building on your property. Perhaps you would like to install an outdoor water pond and water fountain?

Select the home improvement project that you would like help with. A DIY home improvement party is a great way to get help with these type of projects.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Party Tips: Pick a Date and Send Invitations

You will need to select a date and send invitations to family and friends that you would like to attend the DIY home improvement party. Ask for an RSVP so that you can have a rough idea of how many people will be arriving to help out.

You can create invitations online to print and mail. The other option is to send people an invite through the email or even just telephone them. Make certain everyone knows that there is plenty to do, even if they have no experience with the particular DIY home improvement project you are going to be doing during the party.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Party Tips: Organize Materials

Organize your materials in one central location. You should make certain to purchase everything that you will need for the DIY project prior to the actual party. Ask your friends and family members that are coming to work to bring along some of their tools. This will make it easier to get the DIY project done and save on expenses.

Have a designated area for the tools. Guests can share tools and supplies as they are helping you with the DIY project.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Party Tips: Crank up the Music

Pick some great music that you think everyone will enjoy. You can play virtually anything. Music that is upbeat and has a strong tempo will keep everyone motivated and moving while they are helping with the DIY home improvement project. The end product will come about faster if you have some great tunes already selected.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Party Tips: Make a List of Tasks

Prior to the DIY home improvement party, make a list of tasks for the project. Have some that are easy so the kids can get involved. Teen help and younger children help are valuable. It is a good way for them to learn and to have fun. Have guests select which tasks they would like to work on the most.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Party Tips: Great Food and Relaxation Time

Have easy and simple foods prepared your guests. You will need a cooler with ice and some drinks that everyone can enjoy. If the party is going to extend over a meal time, have everything already made so that you can quickly serve and get everyone back to work on your DIY project.

Easy DIY Home Improvement Party Tips: Plan to Have Fun

Even if the DIY home improvement does not get completed, you should have fun. You can socialize and really have a good time with your family and friends. Don’t become so focused on the DIY home improvement project that you forget to have fun. After all, a fun party like this can be repeated often.

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