Sunday, June 8, 2008

What food is on the menu tonight?

What wines do you drink with what food?

It wasn’t too long ago that that particular question was easily answered.

If your meal is based on red meat you drink a red wine. If your meal is based on white meat – you drink a white wine.

It is all to do with conditioning your palette to enhance the flavor of the food you eat.

That sounds simple enough doesn’t it? To accompany a meal consisting of steak or lamb, you choose a red wine. To accompany a meal of pork, chicken or fish, you choose a white wine. So off you go to the liquor outlet and get confronted with innumerable red wines and innumerable white wines – which red or white wine, still or sparkling? Merlot or Claret? Moselle or a Chardonnay? The choices are endless or so it would seem.

If you are just buying a bottle of wine for yourself and/or partner to drink with your meal – depending on your age and taste in wines, the choice is going to be easy.

I am sure that everybody has their own unique favorite when it comes to wine, both in red and white and sparkling and still.

If you are the adventurous type and are willing to give anything a go, you are still going to purchase a wine that is very close in character to your preferred wine of choice. Maybe you would be prepared to purchase a sparkling wine instead of a still wine for a refreshing change.

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