Monday, June 30, 2008

Top Reason to Work from Home as Freelance Writing Specialist: Make Money at Your Fingertips and Become a Millionaire

Top Reason to Work from Home as Freelance Writing Specialist: Potential to Earn Shared Revenue is Limitless

As a freelance writer, you have the potential to earn limitless income. You can post thousands of articles free for shared ad revenue. Look at me! I have 512 articles on Helium that were all posted free. I’ve been a member since October, 2006. I used to average 30 cents a day in shared ad revenue money and now make around a dime a day.

See I can really plan for the future with that type of work and that kind of shared ad revenue money! But hey the money never stops coming in. Unless of course they ban the account or the site shuts down.

Top Reason to Work from Home as Freelance Writing Specialist: Can Get Rich from Google Ads

Getting rich from Google is a great way to make it to a millionaire in the writing business. Did you know that the average person must have an account for over 6 months to even get to the minimum earnings? But that is alright. You can slave away for 6 months and SEO your work to hope that you get enough traffic and clicks to get Google money.

But wait! One little problem with Google is that when you start reaching the payouts, your account can suddenly be banned for invalid click fraud. That’s right! All that hard work down the drain.

Anyone can randomly and repeatedly click your Google ads and get your account banned for life. Google doesn’t block the ISP fraud clickers but bans the ad publisher.

Top Reason to Work from Home as Freelance Writing Specialist: Free Sick Days

Free sick days are a great perk for work at home freelance writers. Any day that you want to call in sick you can. The days are free. They are free from making a single penny because you don’t have paid sick time! So, definitely the free sick days is a real plus. You can stay in bed and worry about missing a writing deadline or getting nothing done and earning zero dollars for the day. See why they are called free sick days?

Top Reason to Work from Home as Freelance Writing Specialist: You Get Lots of Extra Time on Your Hands

Hey, did you know that when you become a freelance writer that there are now thirty-two hours in a day instead of twenty-four? Seriously! I mean after all, you have your writing goals and then you have a list of things that you need to get done with your writing. Suddenly you are the only one in the house that can mow the yard, cook, clean, answer the phone, help with homework, shop and of course errand run.

Now stop and look at it. The time that you write is only counted toward your day’s work. So it is great to be a writer and get lots of extra time on your hands! After all, we must right? How else do we write so much and get all these other things done?

Top Reason to Work from Home as Freelance Writing Specialist: You Get Paid Lots

I love getting paid so much as writer! I mean, my goal is around three cents a word. But in reality, most Internet freelance writers average around half-a-cent per word! I love getting paid so much as freelance writer.

Another perk is that as a writer, you can average around two bucks an hour! That is so wonderful for single mom’s supporting a family with all that extra time on their hands with the more than twenty-four hour days only allotted to freelance writers!

So, you might say that there are tons of writers on the Internet that make more than that. I’m here to tell you that there are tons more that make only that or less.

Are they bad writers? No!

Do they not work hard enough? No!

But just stop and think of all the people competing with article content on the Internet. Think of all the time spent editing, re-writing, social networking, reading other writers, researching, outlining topics and so forth.

Landing a steady writing gig that does not rely on volume of work is a gold mine in the world of Internet freelance writing!

Top Reason to Work from Home as Freelance Writing Specialist: You Get to Be Popular

Ok, I have to admit that having an audience that actually likes to read your writing work is a perk. It can be fun to come up with ideas that you think will entice your readers. It can actually be fun to sit back and read the comments.

I wasn’t one of those popular kids in school. I wasn’t even very popular in the neighborhood.

It is through my writing that I have become popular. I belong to one website that is for product review writing. I have over 300 friends there!

Can you imagine calling up everyone and saying, hey come over for a picnic this afternoon? I don’t have enough parking space for more than four cars at my house. That would be a mess. However, it does feel good at times to log into different writing sites that I’m on and feel like someone enjoys my writing.

Top Reason to Work from Home as Freelance Writing Specialist: Work in Your Pajamas

One perk of being a freelance writer is that you can work in your pajamas. What other job can you wear pajamas to? Ok. Don’t answer that one.

The majority of the time, freelance writers are doing life chores and errands. In fact, the advice is to get up and get dressed for a regular outside the home job when you are a writer.

Most of the time freelance writers are in their pajamas for one reason. They got dressed for bed. They felt the pressure to get one more article written. They slip off to the keyboard and three hours later they are crawling into bed praying that tomorrow they hit it big in the writing world.

They fall asleep with keywords in their heads. They remember someone on their social network list they forgot to comment on. The alarm rings. They begin yet again.

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